Pricing that scales with your growing business

Always included in our prices

  • Unlimited projects
  • Free support
  • New versions of ReQtest
  • Backup
  • Hosting
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Unlimited storage

Pricing / User

1 – 15 Users
16 – 30 Users
31 – 50 Users
51 – 100 Users
100- Users


Free 10 Day, Full Access Trial



You can start using ReQtest in just a few minutes.



With our unique payment model, you only pay for ReQtest when you need to use it. Instead of paying a license fee in advance, we scan the number of active users your company used last month and bill accordingly.

Let's take an example: in January, you have 1 user so we charge you for 1 user ($56).

In February, you increase to 5 users and we charge for 5 users ($280).

Come March, you reduce back to 1 user, so again, you only pay for 1 user ($56).

Summary - you control the cost by adding and removing users!


No start-up costs, no hidden costs.

There is no start-up cost when you begin to use ReQtest. You pay per user and month and there are no other additional costs.

It’s all included

Your subscription includes all software updates, technical support, hosting costs, backup and unlimited storage.

Control your costs

You are charged based upon the number of active users in ReQtest. An active user is defined as a user that can log in. If you have 10 users and only 1 is active, you will be charged for 1 user.

ReQtest staff handle support

Support is handled by our own staff and not outsourced to a third party. This is to ensure you get the help you need instantly instead of being shuffled around.

Unlimited projects

You can start an unlimited number of projects and invite people to join and collaborate. We charge only based on the number of users. Projects are always free, however many you have.

30-Day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with ReQtest after 30 days we offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

About Reqtest

We started building ReQtest in 2001. We have always been huge fans of services on the web, so from the very beginning we decided that our testing and bug reporting service would be SaaS, that is, Software as a Service. Being on the cloud allows us to be efficient and extremely scalable, while you as a customer don't need to think about keeping the system running. Read more about us