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Test Automation in ReQtest – pre-release webinar

Early in 2021, ReQtest will enable you to integrate your test automation tool with ReQtest. Watch this webinar and learn more about how to get started with test automation in general and how you can do it in ReQtest.

All new features released in 2020 in one webinar

Watch the webinar to learn everything you need to know about the new ReQest features released in the year 2020! Get inspired to start using more of the new functionality.

Get organized, stay on track, and deliver on time with ReQtest Agile Board

Watch the webinar to learn how to visualize your projects using ReQtest Agile Board to improve planning, tracking of progress, and collaboration within your team.

Best practice applied in ERP projects – ReQtest ERP accelerator sneak preview

Get a live demo of the ReQtest ERP accelerator pre-configured to help you succeed in ERP projects. Learn how to utilize best-practice standards in your methods, processes, tools, and organization.

Plan, Track, and Report – Customer supplier case study by GlobalLogic LTD

Learn how a customer-supplier GlobalLogic uses ReQtest to increase their quality of planning and reporting while improving collaboration and transparency with their customer using ReQtest.

ReQtest & Jira integration to get the best of both the tools

Get a live demo of how you can connect your ReQtest projects with Jira projects; learn more about the additional functionality, and how you can derive greater value from the integration.

New Requirements Management module in ReQtest

Get a live demo of all the exciting new features & functionality in the new Requirements module. Get greater support for agile & other methods. A new customizable Requirements Hierarchy is available.