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Mazyar Salh

27th October 2017

ReQtest price plan update – simplified and cheaper to scale

ReQtest AB is adjusting its licensing and pricing effective Nov 1, 2017. The main reasons we are doing these changes for are: Making it cheaper to scale up on users…
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26th September 2017

ReQtest och B3IT har ingått samarbetsavtal

ReQtest AB och B3IT Connect AB har idag slutit ett samarbetsavtal. Samarbetet innebär att B3ITs konsulter får löpande stöd och kompetensutveckling i hur ReQtest kan användas för kvalitetssäkring. Detta möjliggör…
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A photograph of Henrik Andreasson
11th April 2017

Henrik Andreasson is appointed as CEO of ReQtest

The Board of Directors of ReQtest AB has appointed Henrik Andreasson as the new CEO of the company. Henrik replaces the principal shareholders, Ulf Eriksson and Peter Habram, who are…
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