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Statistics Sweden’s main task is to supply statistics for research, debate and decision making to numerous customers; clients include the Swedish government as well as various agencies within the private sector and researchers.

Additionally, at Statistics Sweden, support and coordination of the official statistics for the Swedish system are provided, as well as participation in international statistical cooperation.

Statistics Sweden produces statistics that are scientifically objective, relevant and of good quality, while also guaranteeing that all collected data is kept confidential.

In collaboration with others, Statistics Sweden develops common statistical systems, both nationally and internationally.

At SCB, we interviewed Sören Blom, who works as a test manager, tester, user and who is also responsible for SCB’s use of ReQtest.

Sören says that ReQtest’s user-friendly interface allows for easy-use for first time users and that it provides a great overall view of ongoing projects. SCB testers in both Örebro and Stockholm confirm this.


Currently, SBC is at work on a number of projects and ReQtest is being utilized for the vast majority of them as it is used to write test cases, handle bug reporting as well as for any required management capabilities.

Sören has used a number of other tools and can compare ReQtest with Microsoft Test Manager which also exists in the organization. Those who have tried TFS say that it is more complex than ReQtest and harder to get started with, therefore highlighting how simple and user-friendly ReQtest is for users.


“We almost chose HP Quality Center, but ReQtest does the same for a fraction of the cost. Our challenge at SCB Statistics Sweden was finding a flexible tool that could match the organization’s new testing process as well as make our work faster and more structured, leading to higher quality in the systems we deliver. We chose ReQtest because it can be used at all test stages (except test automation) and works well in both development and maintenance projects. At SCB Statistics Sweden we use all the modules of ReQtest, from requirements to test cases and bug tracking. ReQtest is used by many at Statistics Sweden: project managers, developers, test managers, testers, test designers, architects and more.”

Peter Andersson – Statistics Sweden


Sören also says that Quality Center simply cannot be used for business professionals for the tool is far too technical for them; ReQtest is far more simple to use than other tools that have been tried. Additionally, ReQtest is also easier for those who are infrequent users and at SCB, there are numerous employees who may be classified as such; ReQtest therefore makes their work experience at SCB easier and allows more time and effort to be dedicated to other jobs at hand.

Finally, Sören reveals that ReQtest is cost-efficient and that customer care at ReQtest is certainly satisfactory since the few times he has contacted ReQtest support, he has been pleased with the speedy and correct response.

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