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Boxer, founded in 1999 and a part of the Swedish state-owned media operator Teracom Group, markets, distributes and manages channels that transmit subscription-television. The Group currently offer pay TV channels in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
ReQtest Clients - Boxer


Boxer has been a ReQtest customer since March 2011. They have dozens of users of ReQtest on the team, and their ReQtest manager is Karin Winberg.

Prior to implementing ReQtest, the Boxer team used a structured test process but without using any tools. When ReQtest was introduced it became completely possible and easy to implement their processes directly into the tool.

A flexible tool into which everything could be gathered and which allowed many users to be up and running rapidly was required. It was also of great importance for Boxer to be able to scale up and scale down according to changing needs and that price be reasonable, without complicated licensing models. ReQtest fit the bill perfectly.

ReQtest’s inherent simplicity is Karin’s favourite aspect of the product. She went on to say that;

“ReQtest is easy to get started with and it is easy to continue working on. Our test leaders get a good overview of their project’s status without requiring complicated reporting. Boxer has testers in different places and users in Sweden, Denmark and Finland so the fact that ReQtest is accessible wherever you are is incredibly helpful with setups like ours.” 

Karin finds that ReQtest is a clear and reliable tool and that what goes in the tool is immediately visible to everyone everywhere. Furthermore, she appreciates the advantage that Boxer don’t have to manage upgrades, as they are managed centrally by ReQtest.


One of Boxer’s promotional images for 3D TV services,

A large variety of roles at Boxer use ReQtest, including test managers, test leaders, testers, project managers, reviewers, business people working as testers, as well as internal and external developers.

Boxer use all modules in ReQtest from requirements management to test planning, test execution and bug reporting. They have recently started using the requirements management module and Karin hopes it will be put to good use now and in the future.

Speaking of the Boxer team, Karin says that; “They share my opinion and appreciate that there is a short learning curve to ReQtest. We often have new testers who do not have experience with tools and then it is important that they get started quickly. It is good that no lengthy introductions are needed”

As to other tools and how they compare to ReQtest, Karin is of the opinion that there are many free tools but they all lack support. She appreciates she always gets correct, timely and committed responses from ReQtest’s technical support. When there is an urgent need, you have to get answers right away and we’re satisfied that our efforts to do so have not been unnoticed.

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