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Fyrklövern, literally translated from the Swedish to mean “Four-leaf clover”, is a retail giant in Scandinavia and has been a ReQtest customer since June 2010.

Since being founded in 1974, Fyrklövern has become one of Scandinavia’s leading tableware and home decoration businesses. Fyrklövern stock and provide unique products which can only be found in their collection or stores. Fyrklövern AB is a subsidiary of the Cydonia group and in 2010 the revenue for Fyrklövern was of 175 million SEK.

The aim of Fyrklövern is to inspire you to beautify your home, set your table as you wish and help you create opportunities for new experiences.

We spoke to Ulf Jarl, the IT manager for Fyrklövern about using ReQtest, the 9 member strong team’s favourite aspects in ReQtest and why they chose ReQtest after all.


What made you start using ReQtest?

We were looking for a tool using which we could easily manage issues with no confusion.


Have you achieved the results that you hoped for?

Yes, absolutely.


What do you like most about ReQtest?

ReQtest is flexible and easy to use and it can be used for much more than just testing. The issue management functions are powerful.

We found that it’s good to have a place where you have the whole thread of communication around test cases. There is a lot of communication going back and forth between testers, business people and developers and ReQtest gives me a complete overview of this communication.


What roles are using ReQtest?

Testers, business specialists and consultants from our third party supplier as well as developers and system architects. Our external supplier has access to ReQtest from their office. Setting this up was super easy, of course, because ReQtest is on the cloud.


Tell us about how you use ReQtest

We have a large Dynamics AX implementation project with lots of tests. ReQtest fits neatly into our structure.


Which parts of ReQtest do you use?

We mostly use the bug reporting and test case management modules.


What is the Fyrklövern’s team common opinion of ReQtest?

They all like that everything is stored in one central place so you don’t have to look for information elsewhere. It is also very convenient that an email is sent to the recipient when a bug is reported, as this way you won’t miss tasks which you have been assigned.

ReQtest lets you work in a structured, step by step manner and is great at helping you keeping track of testing stuff.

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