As West Sweden’s leading energy company, Göteborg Energi provides electricity, district heating, gas, refrigeration, energy services, renewable energy and data- and telecommunications services.

With a singularly sustainable vision for Gothenburg permeating throughout Göteborg Energi’s business philosophy, their practices conserve resources and aim to create sustainable energy in the region.


Goteborg Energi

Göteborg Energi has been using ReQtest since September 2010 and their team is rather sizable with 152 employees all using ReQtest.

We spoke with Jessica Töllden who is a function leader for test at Göteborg Energi.

Although Jessica was not yet working at the company when Göteborg Energi AB started to use ReQtest, she does know that the company wanted a tool that was easy to use, user friendly and did not cost too much.

Jessica herself feels that using ReQtest, the team at Göteborg Energi can see the statistics and findings of a test fairly quickly and throughout the entire project, which is obviously highly desirable. For the most part, the team at Göteborgs Energi run all of their projects in ReQtest, using everything from requirements to checklists and test cases. Many users use ReQtest for their test runs when they do releases.

When comparing ReQtest to other tools, Jessica feels that ReQtest is really good for administering testing and requirements. Additionally, she’s of the opinion that it’s a big plus that ReQtest is so user friendly and worth the money while the support is fast and really good.

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Ulf is the founder of ReQtest and as the Product Owner, decides what features are added to the product, and makes sure that ReQtest is of a consistently high quality. Ulf has written several books and courses as well as a library of articles on the subjects of testing and requirements management, as well as speaking publicly on a number of subjects related to the world of testing.

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