Pdb delivers IT-solutions aimed at creating high business value for companies in manufacturing, commerce, distribution and services. The company has been around for 30 years and have about 95 employees, making them a well experienced and competent partner.They focus on understanding, simplifying and refining their customer´s businesses.

Pdb have used ReQtest since September 2011 and currently have around 14 users.

Per Enochsson is a test leader at Pdb and had the following short, yet powerful and heartening quote about ReQtest.

“Prior to switching to ReQtest, we often experienced what I call “Mail Tsunami” at the end of a given project. What would happen is that all the bug reports would get emailed back and forth making it impossible to get a precise and accurate overview of the test progress.

When we started using ReQtest the problem disappeared completely. We also make our customers use ReQtest. At first they murmured a bit, but after a while they praised us for having such a fine structure in the tests. The takeoff distance is very short in ReQtest and it is really easy to use ReQtest.”

Author Ulf Eriksson

Ulf is the founder of ReQtest and as the Product Owner, decides what features are added to the product, and makes sure that ReQtest is of a consistently high quality. Ulf has written several books and courses as well as a library of articles on the subjects of testing and requirements management, as well as speaking publicly on a number of subjects related to the world of testing.

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