Stockholm County Council, also known by the acronym SLL or the Swedish name Stockholms läns landsting, is responsible for all of the publicly-financed healthcare and public transport in Stockholm County. Greater Stockholm is Sweden’s leading region and financial centre. Attracting people from other areas of the Sweden, other countries, visitors and investors. Stockholm ranks highly in terms of quality of life, public health is good and the level of education is high, however, this does not make the work of SLL trivial in anyway.

In addition to the above, some of the main tasks SLL is responsible for include the long-term planning of public transport and the region’s growth, extensive environmental work with clearly defined goals and gender equality so that men and women are treated equally in health care and public transport planning based on the needs of both genders.

The Stockholm County Council is one of Europe’s largest healthcare providers and offers everything from telephone advice about self-care to advanced specialist care at university hospitals.

We interviewed Enes Mulisic, a test leader among the 267 users of ReQtest at SLL. Stockholm County Council has been using ReQtest since August 2006 using the user roles of developers, testers, test leaders and managers as well as their intern consult company, all mainly using ReQtest for acceptance test and development projects.
ReQtest was already being used at SLL when Enes started out there, but for the most part, Enes confirms that test cases, the checklists and the bug reports are the most used features of ReQtest.

In Enes’ experiences ReQtest is an easy to use tool and though he has never had to use the support himself, those of his colleagues that have done have reported that they feel that it’s been easy to get ahold of the support quickly and that help is fast in coming.

ReQtest support has also provided them with project templates when needed as well as valuable instruction on the best way to think about how to configure ReQtest to best suit the needs of SLL.

Enes feels that no matter how you’re using ReQtest, whether for long projects or short, ReQtest gives value for the money and it’s not very expensive.

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Ulf is the founder of ReQtest and as the Product Owner, decides what features are added to the product, and makes sure that ReQtest is of a consistently high quality. Ulf has written several books and courses as well as a library of articles on the subjects of testing and requirements management, as well as speaking publicly on a number of subjects related to the world of testing.

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