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Toyota is the world’s largest car manufacturer and has its origins in Japan. Among its highly notable achievements, Toyota can also count its huge influence on the Lean method of manufacture, which then trickled down and was adapted to the world of software. We use Lean extensively ourselves and were extremely proud when Toyota chose to use ReQtest back in October 2010. Toyota’s operations are spread all over the world.

We spoke to Mårten Thalén, who is the IT manager and IT project manager at Toyota in Sweden.

What made you start using ReQtest?

We wanted a cloud-based solution so that we could avoid handling installation and maintenance and local configuration. We did not want to commit ourselves to a costly investment up front. Our goal was to find a tool that was installation-free and maintenance free. For us it was important to be able to scale up and down as our needs change over time. I checked out a few of your videos and saw that ReQtest was user friendly and easy to get started with.


What do you like most about ReQtest?

Probably that it is a flexible and useful tool and it’s easy to get started, but that’s not all. ReQtest makes it easy to sort and filter data and to create reports. ReQtest gives me a good overview and control over the tests while providing an accurate overall picture and of course it is allows me to go into more depth as needed.

It’s great that ReQtest is available in both Swedish and English as we often work on projects with multiple external suppliers located in different countries. We need our partners to access information about the tests over the Web and we don’t want to give them access to our internal network. It’s so easy to access ReQtest no matter where you are. I would say that we have achieved all the goals we hoped for when we got ReQtest.


Tell us about how you use ReQtest

Everybody that is involved in the tests uses ReQtest. There are external suppliers, business specialists, developers and project managers. We have run an international project with participants in both Sweden and Belgium, again, using ReQtest. Now that the project was completed, we use ReQtest during maintenance to keep track of change requests.


What is the common opinion about ReQtest amongst your users?

Users appreciate the short learning curve. We had team members who had never worked with testing tools but they still found it easy to get started and continue to work with ReQtest. Even those who had used this type of tool before, they all love ReQtest because it is so user-friendly.


Have you used any other tool? Can you compare them with ReQtest?

The advantage of a hosted service like ReQtest is that no installation and maintenance is needed. ReQtest seems easier to use than other, similar tools. ReQtest has all the features we need and they are easy to use. If I were to run similar projects in the future, I would definitely use ReQtest again.


Have you used the support? How satisfied are you with it?

I have almost never needed to use the support and that is a very good sign, since it means that ReQtest is easy to use. It is problem-free to use ReQtest. On the rare occasions that I did need support I got the answer I was looking for right away.


How affordable do you think ReQtest is?

I think ReQtest is very affordable. It is flexible to be able to scale up and down as needs change in the project. It’s good that you do not have to agree or commit to use ReQtest for a longer period. It was money well spent to use ReQtest, the price tag is good.

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