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ReQtest requirement management tool enables you to define and manage requirements easily from start to end.

Keep your requirements organized

Review & track all changes

Prioritize with power

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It’s never overreacting to ask for what you want and need.

– Amy Poehler

Organize your requirements

  • Store requirements in folders and view the hierarchy in a tree view. Requirements management; have it your way!
  • The detailed view tells you about the requirement’s priority, status, comments, date when and who created it, and much more. This makes your requirements management much easier.
  • And speaking of organisation, we also have a world class Agile Board!

Review and track all changes

  • When a user edits a requirement in ReQtest, information about the changes made is saved in the item’s history.
  • Each change lists the time the change was made and the name of the user who made it, followed by the details of the change (what was changed and how).
  • This way you can keep track of everything.

Keep track of requirement status

  • Requirements can be tracked to see which ones are proposed, ready for testing or approved.
  • You can change the names of status values and even add additional ones if needed.

Powerful prioritization

  • Ranking and prioritizing requirements is also a task in ReQtest.
  • Prioritize requirements using any kind of scale you prefer: numeric, high/low/medium, or the MoSCoW scale (Must, Should, Could and Won’t).

Attach files to clarify requirements

  • Attach design documents, mockups, or any other helpful files to requirements.
  • This helps to clarify the requirements and is very helpful in requirements management.
  • Testers can view requirements to easily write test cases, developers can use requirements to design and develop the system, and decision makers can quickly access decision support materials.

One-click charts

  • Large amounts of data can be filtered and visualized in a bar or pie chart with a single mouse click.
  • Export the chart to Word, Powerpoint or similar applications within seconds to create great looking reports and show off how well your requirements management is going!