Take control over your requirements

  • Customizable Requirements Hierarchy with extensive business logic
  • “Word” like simplicity while working with full sets of requirements
  • Support for agile & other methods in requirements management
  • Full traceability as tests and bugs connect seamlessly with requirements

Professional requirements management starts here!

A new & upgraded version of the Requirements section is released and available in ReQtest. Find more information below:

Review and track all changes

  • Track all user edits made to the requirements in few clicks
  • Get comprehensive information on all of the changes made to requirements
  • Keep track of anything & everything

New Requirements Hierarchy with extensive business logic

  • Structure your business needs with more granularity
  • Use Requirements Level Object to group, & structure requirements
  • Get greater visibility to collaborate & prioritize the right requirements

ReQtest + Jira = Make sure you get what you need

  • Get updated & extended connection to Jira
  • Make sure your developers know what to do
  • Get Reporting View to gain insights on ReQtest & Jira data

Get a "Word" like feel while working with requirements

  • Get Document View to get requirements context visually
  • Greater clarity on the relationships between requirements
  • "Word" like readability while working with a full set of requirements

Enhanced traceability as tests & bugs link with requirements

  • Track which tests & bugs relates to which requirements
  • Know which bugs to fix to implement a requirement
  • Keep track of implementation status of requirements

Gain insights through one-click data visualization

  • Filter & visualize data to gain actionable insights
  • Export the charts to Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Gain insights on the effectiveness of your requirements management process

Requirements Management – Easy yet powerful way to manage requirements

1. Advance Requirements module

ReQtest is a cloud-based requirements management tool that has an advance Requirement module. Requirement Hierarchy in the Requirement module helps you to know the context of a requirement visually.

3. Prioritize requirements

The priority of a requirement helps your development and testing to prioritize their work. Easily define the priority of the requirements. Use the scale of your choice to prioritize the requirements.

5. Powerful Reporting

A powerful reporting tool is all you need for knowing the effectiveness of your requirement gathering initiatives. ReQtest has a powerful Reports module that lets you populate visual graphs and charts in a single click.

7. Enhanced Jira connection

Get comprehensive insights on the status of your requirements in your Jira integrated projects. Reporting View visualizes data from ReQtest & Jira to give actionable insights.

2. Work with latest version of requirements

ReQtest offers the simplest way to organize requirements. The requirements can be stored in a tree-based structure and a list-based structure. Easily get an overview of all the requirements along with their priority.

4. Attachments to describe requirements clearly

Attach screenshots or images or you have the flexibility to attach video files with voice over. No need for an added explanation. Your attachments will help you in describing the requirements with clarity.

6.Requirements traceability

With ReQtest software, you will get an end-to-end traceability of your project’s requirements. Map requirements to test cases or you can map test cases to the requirements to ensure that the original project requirements are met.

Requirements Management – Easy yet powerful way to manage requirements

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A great tool to plan, perform and follow upAs ReQtest is easy to configure it can be set up differently depending on different customer/project needs. It's a great tool to plan, perform and follow up requirements and tests.


Test Lead

A very user-friendly and quality-assured toolThe advantages of using ReQtest for my projects is that I can work structured and quality assured in both test case management, bug tracking and requirements management.


Web Project Manager

Supports us well in our change processEasy to learn and start using and easy to configure to suit our needs for information and support in the change process. You start at your own 'level' and can then easily improve the process gradually.


IT Project Leader