Requirements management made easy

requirement management tool

Organize, review & prioritize requirements intuitively

Well suited for agile requirements management

Review & track all changes instantly

Highly customizable requirement module

ReQtest Requirements Management Software

online requirement management software

Organize your requirements efficiently

  • Requirement hierarchy to store requirements in a tree-based structure
  • Stay updated on requirement’s priority, status, creation date, etc.
  • A powerful Agile Board for effortless requirements tracking
manage requirements changes

Review and track all changes

  • Track all user edits made to the requirements in few clicks
  • Get comprehensive information on all of the changes made to requirements
  • Keep track of anything & everything
view requirements status

Stay updated on requirement status

  • Get information on which requirements are proposed, ready for testing or approved
  • Customize fields to change status values
  • Add additional fields to keep better track of requirement’s status
prioritize requirements with flexibility

Prioritize requirements with flexibility

  • Rank and prioritize requirements as per preference
  • Prioritize requirements using the scale you prefer
  • Define the prioritization value inputs as numeric, high/low/medium, or the MoSCoW scale
clarify requirements online

Clarify requirements by attaching files

  • Attach design documents, mockups, or any other helpful files to requirements
  • More insights on requirements render a powerful requirements management module
  • Requirements module designed to cater to the needs of Testers, developers & decision makers
one-click requirements data visualization

Gain insights through one-click data visualization

  • Filter & visualize data in a bar or pie chart in a single click
  • Export the charts to Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Gain insights on the effectiveness of your requirements management process

Requirements Management – Easy yet powerful way to manage requirements

Advance Requirements module

ReQtest is a cloud-based requirements management software that has an advance Requirement module. Requirement Hierarchy in the Requirement module helps you to know the context of a requirement visually. ReQtest offers the simplest way to organize requirements. The requirements can be stored in a tree-based structure and a list-based structure. Easily get an overview of all the requirements along with their priority.

Work with latest version of requirements

With ReQtest’s Requirement module you will never miss any changes made to the requirement. All the changes are updated automatically in your web browser so that you always work with the latest version of the requirements. Track the status of all the requirements whether they are incomplete, complete, ready for testing, approved or not.

Prioritize requirements

ReQtest is highly customizable requirements management software that lets you customize your Requirements module as per the needs or your project. The priority of a requirement helps your development and testing to prioritize their work. Easily define the priority of the requirements. Use the scale of your choice to prioritize the requirements.

Attachments to describe requirements clearly

Attach screenshots or images or you have the flexibility to attach video files with voice over. No need for an added explanation. Your attachments will help you in describing the requirements with clarity.

Powerful Reporting

A powerful reporting tool is all you need for knowing the effectiveness of your requirement gathering initiatives. ReQtest has a powerful Reports module that lets you populate visual graphs and charts in a single click.

Requirements traceability

Requirements are the starting point of the project. With ReQtest requirements management software, you will get an end-to-end traceability of your project’s requirements.  Map requirements to test cases or you can map test cases to the requirements to ensure that the original project requirements are met. In this requirements management software, Links are the backbone of traceability and it offers an effective Link Management process.  The reporting function helps you keep track of how efficiently you are handling your project requirements.

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