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Share feedback in a more efficient way

Get the bug report to the right person – right away!

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visual bug reporting

Don’t worry about getting perfect, just keep getting better.

– Frank E. Peretti

Just snap a picture of the bug

  • Make a screen capture of the entire page, the screen or a designated area.
  • Add comments directly on the snapshot and make sure your feedback doesn’t need additional explanation.
  • Import the commented picture in to ReQtest as a bug report and directly to your bug trackers.
  • Bugshot is intuitive and saves a lot of time compared to making other kinds of visual bug reports.

Bugshot gets the message through faster

  • When finding bugs, you won’t have to waste time describing the context of the bug, you only need to snap the bug and comment – in context.
  • Image and comments in combination gets the bug fixer the necessary information at a glance.
  • The bug fixer doesn’t have to waste time interpreting feedback, it’s already crystal clear!

Get the bug report to the right person – right away

  • Create the bug report directly in Bugshot and transfer it to ReQtest, making it easy for the right person to get the right information in the right context.
  • Use the Bugshot app whenever you find a bug and snap it, without being logged in to ReQtest.
  • By lowering the barrier and making it easy to document bugs, fewer bugs will be left unfixed. Also it will be easier to see the big picture to ensure quality.

Get started now!

1. Login to ReQtest and download the Bugshot app by clicking on the link.

2. Login by using your ReQtest credentials.

3. Snap a picture of the bug, add comments and generate a bug report in ReQtest.

Have any questions?

Have a look at our FAQs

When can I use Bugshot?

  • When you are working on a project and want to report bugs
  • When conducting exploratory testing
  • When you want to document a bug found in scripted or exploratory testing
  • When you want to display a bug in its visual context
  • When you want to communicate effectively with developers, product owners, test leaders, and other stakeholders

Who is Bugshot for?

  • Testers, test leaders and developers using ReQtest.
  • Anyone who wants to perform exploratory testing without spending a lot of time documenting and switching between tools.

Can I upload screen captures from bugshot to other destinations besides ReQtest?

Currently no, but we’re working on making Bugshot the go-to visual reporting tool for anyone, with or without ReQtest.

Do I need to buy Bugshot to start using it?

No! You don’t need to buy Bugshot as it is included in our standard plan on ReQtest.

How easy is it to get Bugshot up and running?

It is very easy, just download the app and install it with a click of your mouse. You can access the download link when you log in to the ReQtest front page. You can also get the Bugshot download link via “Welcome to Bugshot” e-mail which you receive when the administrator enables you as a Bugshot user.

What kind of support can you offer?

We offer support to Bugshot users like we offer support to ReQtest users. You can contact our support team with any issues related to ReQtest and Bugshot. Write to us at

Do I need to reconfigure ReQtest to accommodate Bugshot?

Bugshot is pre-configured to suit your version of ReQtest, no additional configuration is needed.

Will this affect our monthly/annual ReQtest bill?

No, Bugshot is a part of the standard ReQtest price plan. Relax! We will communicate any changes which would potentially impact the customer from a cost perspective well in advance.

How can I enable installation of Bugshot on my Mac?

Go to Settings > Security & Privacy and choose the setting “Mac app store and identified developers” to run Bugshot on your Mac (this can be altered at any time). The screenshot below shows you the security settings needed.

What are the system requirements?

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard drive: 50 GB
  • Windows (32/64 bit), 7/8/10
  • Mac OS, Yosemite, Sierra, Capitan
  • Minimum resolution: 1280px x 720px
  • Desktop screens: Single desktop

Why is the captured image/video displayed enlarged in the Bugshot window?

Bugshot currently supports display text size of 100% (default). Set the display text size to 100% (default) to capture an image/video of the usual size.

Why the snapshot doesn’t cover the exact screen area I captured?

To make your Bugshot window capture the exact screen area, set the display text size to 100% (default).

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us