What you will learn through this e-book?

  • The basics of requirements management
  • The different steps of the requirements management process
  • How to use ReQtest for requirements management?
  • How to track requirements progress and traceability?
  • How to prepare for the maintenance phase of your project?

Are you letting your projects suffer due to inefficient requirements handling?

The success of the project largely depends on how well you handle your requirements as a team. You could be a Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Developer, Test Manager, Tester, Project Stakeholder, or a Business Leader; gaining actionable insights on requirements management will help you contribute more value in your capacity towards your project.

Through this e-book, you will not only learn the concepts, methodologies, techniques, and best practices for requirements management but we have also included the exact steps you need to take in ReQtest for effective requirements handling.


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