ReQtest founder Ulf Eriksson to speak at Sundsvall42

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ReQtest founder and product owner Ulf Eriksson will be speaking at the Sundsvall42 Conference on Wednesday, October 16 between 1:00 p.m. and 1:40 p.m. Eriksson is highly experienced in everything agile, software testing and requirements management, and will be speaking about usability, user experience and usability testing.

Eriksson’s talk will offer practical and concrete knowledge of how to work with structured usability methods for applications and other systems and will present insights aimed at helping attendees obtain better, higher quality results from their QA work and higher values in usability and user experience.

Eriksson said that he is glad to have the opportunity to give back to the testing community and instruct in areas he is experienced in as a repeat speaker at Sundsvall.

“Whether you work within the testing or requirements management area, you need techniques for working with usability. Simply put, a product or an app with poor usability is not used.”, Eriksson said. “Nowadays, the different roles of testing and requirements engineering have come together much more than in the past. More and more testers need to perform data requirements and vice versa. Usability is one such necessary task in this exciting new time in our industry.”

Members of the ReQtest team will also be in attendance at Sundsvall in a bid to raise awareness of their product and to introduce it to interested attendees who might be on the lookout for a cloud based tool which takes care of requirements management and issue tracking in an easy to use and quick to implement manner.

Meanwhile, the ReQtest team is also gearing up efforts to establish relationships with consultants. Consultant collaboration with ReQtest provides benefits in the form of free education, free licenses and much, much more. Contact us to learn more and join the impressive roster of consultants we are partnered with, listed below.


About ReQtest –

ReQtest is Sweden’s biggest and most popular test and requirements management tool. ReQtest is extremely easy to use, always on, always available, integrates easily with tools such as Jira and QC, has an attractive ‘pay per active user’ pricing model and comes with world-class same day support.

With clients such as Thomas Cook, SJ, and Scania, and partners such as Acando, CGI, Sogeti, Knowit, Evry, Sigma, Kentor, CAG, Imano, Connecta, CSC, MSC Consultancy AB, Konsultbolag1, Object Factory, Qbox, Canvisa Consulting, Qtema, Claremont, B3IT, and Lexicon IT consultant, ReQtest has shown throughout the years that it is a stable, highly usable product which any company in the business of creating systems or software should add to their toolbox.

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