ReQtest price plan update – simplified and cheaper to scale

By 27th October 2017 August 30th, 2018 Company

ReQtest AB is adjusting its licensing and pricing effective Nov 1, 2017. The main reasons we are doing these changes for are:

  1. Making it cheaper to scale up on users
  2. Simplifying our price model by only having 3 price tiers
  3. Boosting our R&D for next generation products

Our new price model:

Cheaper to scale

It will now be cheaper for you to add more users to ReQtest. For customers with over 100 users, each new user will only cost you 49 SEK / month. Price should never be an issue when you want to grow your team!

Simplifying our price plan

We used to have 5 tiers, now we only have 3. You pay 349 SEK for the first 50 users, 99 SEK for the next 50 and then 49 SEK per user until infinity. Simple and cheaper to scale.

Our next generation products

During the next few months, we will be releasing major updates to our products. We will be improving the user interface for ReQtest to create an even more intuitive and easy to use tool that all users like to use. We will also release Bugshot, which is a capture tool that will simplify your test and maintenance activities. And we are above that boosting our R&D to give you much more valuable features during 2018!

Thank you.

Mazyar Salh

VP of Sales & Marketing


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