We’ve been playing planning poker

By 28th November 2012 June 20th, 2018 Company

A lot has been going with the ReQtest development team lately.

For a start, we’re updating our tutorial videos so that they better reflect our the latest improvements in the user interface and our new functions. This way, the new videos will better explain everything about the new ReQtest.

We’re also writing out requirements for developing a new, kick-ass release of our own snapshot/screenshot tool, ReQtest Snapshot.

We’ve also been doing a lot of sprint planning at the moment. Right now we are focusing on two major areas. One is a very cool API that will make it possible to exchange data with other tools. Maybe you have an intranet where you want to publish data from ReQtest about the latest bugs, or perhaps you want bug reports entered by acceptance testers in ReQtest to appear inside Visual Studio. The API is a dream come true for scenarios such as these.

The other big area is further improvements to how you can customize ReQtest to perfectly fit into your organization. The ability to configure ReQtest is already highly appreciated by our users; now we’re making it even better and more intuitive.

During this sprint planning we used planning poker a fair few times, hence the title. Here are a few pics of us playing planning poker, and for the whole gallery, visit and like our Facebook page here.

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