Simple, straightforward pricing that suits your business

All features included. Pay as you go on a monthly or yearly basis!

Simple, straightforward pricing

All features included. Pay as you go on a monthly or yearly basis!

  • Number of users
  • Requirements management
  • Test management
  • Bug tracking
  • Agile board
  • Capture app
  • Jira integration
  • Open API
  • Support
  • Payment options
  • Billing
  • Price plan
  • Professional

  • Ideal for large teams & multiple departments.
  • Unlimited users
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Extended Support
  • Credit card /invoice
  • Monthly
  • $6 – $45 / user
  • Try Free
  • Enterprise

  • Ideal for a big enterprise looking for scalability & interoperability
  • 100 Unlimited users
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Dedicated Team
  • Invoice
  • Yearly
  • Contact Sales
  • Try Free

Ideal for large teams & multiple departments.

Number of users Unlimited users
Requirements mgmt.
Test mgmt.
Bug tracking
Agile board
Capture app
Jira integration
Open API
Support Extended support
Payment options Credit card /invoice
Billing Monthly
Price plan $45 – $6 / user

Pricing Plan

No. of users USD
User 1-50 45.00 /user/month
User 51-100 12.00 /user/month
User 101-1000 6.00 /user/month
No. of users EUR
User 1-50 35.00 /user/month
User 51-100 10.00 /user/month
User 101-1000 5.00 /user/month
No. of users SEK
User 1-50 399.00 /user/month
User 51-100 99.00 /user/month
User 101-1000 49.00 /user/month

Ideal for a big enterprise looking for scalability & interoperability

Number of users 100 – Unlimited users
Requirements mgmt.
Test mgmt.
Bug tracking
Agile board
Capture App
Jira integration
Open API
Support Dedicated team
Payment options
Billing Yearly
Price plan Contact Sales
Professional price plan Up to 50 users For more than 50 users For more than 100 users
No. of users user 1-50 user 51-100 user 101-1000
USD 45.00 USD/user/month 12.00 USD/user/month 6.00 USD/user/month
EUR 35.00 EUR/user/month 10.00 EUR/user/month 5.00 EUR/user/month
SEK 399.00 SEK/user/month 99.00 SEK/user/month 49.00 SEK/user/month

ReQtest is trusted & recommended by industry leaders

What do our customers say about us?

A great tool to plan, perform and follow upAs ReQtest is easy to configure it can be set up differently depending on different customer/project needs. It's a great tool to plan, perform and follow up requirements and tests.


Test Lead

A very user-friendly and quality-assured toolThe advantages of using ReQtest for my projects is that I can work structured and quality assured in both test case management, bug tracking and requirements management.


Web Project Manager

Supports us well in our change processEasy to learn and start using and easy to configure to suit our needs for information and support in the change process. You start at your own 'level' and can then easily improve the process gradually.


IT Project Leader


Getting started

All you need to access ReQtest is a browser with internet access, and an email address.
Your full featured trial will easily convert to a normal license after the trial period, with no data lost!
With ReQtest you can;

  • Customize your project to fit your organization
  • Invite your team
  • Import any existing data
  • Plan your work in agile boards
  • And start developing your product!

ReQtest suits any project where you need to track software tests, usability tests, or requirements, both when developing or maintaining an IT system. ReQtest is suitable in any situation that requires groups of people to coordinate their work.


We take security very seriously here at ReQtest. Here’s a breakdown of our security policy;

Data security

Encrypted traffic

All traffic between the customer’s web browser and ReQtest’s servers is encrypted with SSL, using a digital certificate issued by GlobalSign. You can inspect the certificate in your web browser. (The exact procedure varies between different browsers.)

Database access

The database is stored on our servers, which are located in the data center of our service provider Ipeer. Data is never transferred from our servers to any other place, except for backups (see below).

The database is password-protected. Only the developer team at ReQtest has access to the database password.

ReQtest’s servers are protected by a firewall. The servers, files and database can only be accessed from IP addresses that belong to ReQtest. All data traffic between ReQtest’s office and the data center is encrypted.

Backup and restoration of data

The database and the files are backed up once per day. The backup is stored offsite, physically separate from the data center.

In addition to the backup, the customer’s data is protected against inadvertent access, in that data in ReQtest is generally not deleted but only marked as deleted, like the trash can in Windows. A deleted project or item (requirement, test case, bug report) can be restored by ReQtest support staff without restoring the entire database.

Password management

Users’ passwords are encrypted for storage in the database. The encryption is done by hashing, i.e. one-way, non-reversible encryption – the password cannot be decrypted. ReQtest employees have no way of viewing a user’s password.

At login, the number of login attempts is limited. After five failed login attempts with invalid passwords, the user account is locked. This protects against brute force attacks.

A user can reset their password with the help of a single-use link, which is sent to the email address that the user registered with.

Security routines

ReQtest employees never share customer or user account information, or customer data, with anybody outside the company.

We never edit the status or role of user accounts on a user’s request.

Secure code

All features in ReQtest are reviewed with regards to security aspects, and tested specifically for SQL injection, XSS attacks and request parameter hacking.


ReQtest’s servers are physically managed by our service provider Ipeer. The infrastructure in the data center includes 24-hour monitoring, redundant internet connections, UPS, and redundant backup generators.

The servers themselves have built-in redundancy and automatic failover. In case of a server error, the service is automatically moved to a new server with no downtime.

Security updates

All software on the servers, including virus protection and firewall, is regularly updated with the most recent security updates.


Feel free to browse and read our full Terms of Services.

Billing & Invoicing

We bill on a monthly basis to the billing address or email address you specify in the invoice settings within ReQtest.

You can also download the invoicing data for all past invoices from the invoice settings page. This is an Excel file that lists all users that were included in the invoice for a given month, as well as which projects they were members of.

You can manage your license costs by enabling and disabling user accounts. Since we only charge you for enabled user accounts you won’t need to pay for more than what your company needs. This is makes ReQtest advantageous when compared to other testing software. In many other tools you have to buy licenses for the maximum number of users that you are going to have.