How to deliver great software as a Product Owner using ReQtest?

ReQtest is a tool designed for Product Owners to easily develop a Product Roadmap outlining the features they want to build, the timelines and the priority order of building the features.

ReQtest solutions to common challenges of Test Managers

A Product Owner encounters numerous challenges from the point they start drafting the product roadmap to prioritize items in the product backlog.

Manage Product Backlog

Effective documentation of product backlog is a must for achieving product goals. ReQtest’s Requirements module helps to maintain a well-documented product backlog. You can set the priority order of the product backlog items and make the product backlog visible and transparent for the development team members.

Manage Distributed Teams

Product Owners need to eliminate any possibilities of mistrust, miscommunication, misalignment, & bottlenecks in project progress. The Agile board in ReQtest is a powerful collaborative platform for distributed teams. PO can create a board for every sprint and collaborate with the development team.

Track Product Progress

Product Owners can effectively optimize the value of the work performed by the development team by real-time tracking of the tasks assigned. With ReQtest, the Product Owners can ensure that the development team stays on track and understands the priority of items in the Product Backlog completely by real-time status tracking.

Groom Product Backlog

To effectively groom your product backlog, you need an efficient change management process. ReQtest helps to easily track any changes made to the items in the Product Backlog. Product Owners can collaborate with Business Analysts and Scrum Masters while grooming items in the Product Backlog.

Forecast Scope Creeps

The client may prioritize different objectives in the middle of the project leading to scope creeps. ReQtest helps to easily track any changes made to the requirements to predict potential scope creeps. With the latest version of requirements, Product Owners can forecast scope creeps & communicate its impact to the client using ReQtest.

Gain Actionable Insights

Product Owners need actionable insights from their product backlog data to help them release a great product. Reports in ReQtest help Product Owners to better plan project activities & deliverables.

ReQtest: A go-to-tool for Product Owners!

With ReQtest, Product Owners can collaborate with the development team and track the progress of the product development efforts in few clicks.