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ReQtest is incredibly easy to use, and we built it with that intention after all. We know that in today’s dynamic development and testing environment many stakeholders with less technical knowledge will also need to access your requirements and bug tracking platform, so we intentionally made ReQtest simple and straightforward to use.

Of course, this does not mean that users never have any questions. In fact, here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked about ReQtest and how to use certain features.

1. I added a new user but they did not receive their welcome e-mail.

Did you by any chance uncheck the “Send welcome letter” checkbox before clicking save? If so, you can simply return to that page and send that welcome email whenever you wish.

2. I was told that a user account was created for me but I cannot log in.

An email was sent to you, with a subject line saying ‘Welcome to ReQtest’. There are two links in this email. You must click the first link to choose and then confirm your password. After you do that you will be logged in.

3. I lost my password. What do I do?

For security reasons, we cannot send you your current password but if you have forgotten it, you can choose a new one. Go to  https://secure.reqtest.com/forget-password and and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link to a page on which you can enter a new password.

4. How do I copy items within a project?

Open an item and the click on “copy” at the bottom at the page.

5. How do I copy items between projects?

In the list view, select the items you want to copy and click ‘Copy’ at the bottom. On the next page, select the project you wish to copy the items to, and when applicable, if you also want to copy the attached files.

6. I am trying to import data but it fails.

What is the format you are using? ReQtest can import in CSV. CSV is a format which Excel, Numbers, or your spreadsheet application should be able to save. Make sure that the file is a .csv, otherwise, it will not work.

7. How can I change which columns I see in my lists?

You can change column order by dragging columns around, but it is also very useful to filter data in the columns. For example, in the ‘Created by’ column, you can filter by the name of everyone involved in the project, both in a ‘true’ and ‘false’ manner, such as Created equals by Joe Bloggs, or doesn’t equal Samantha Bloggs. If you click ‘Settings’ on the right above the list view, you can choose which columns/fields will be visible in the list.

8. How can I change which columns are exported to Excel?

Click ‘Settings’ above the Export to Excel button and choose which fields you want to include in the export

9. How can I assign test cases within a test run to specific people?

When creating your test case, simply assign the test case to one of the users which appears in the ‘Auditor’ drop down navigation. A test run is meant to have one owner. That is the person who will execute the specific test cases in a test run.

10. What are the differences between the roles in ReQtest?

A test leader has the highest level of privileges in ReQtest, including adding and deleting projects and users, activating and deactivating users, changing the settings for the company and for all projects, importing data into ReQtest, as well as archiving and deleting items.

Testers is the most commonly used role on ReQtest. Testers can do almost everything, barring the tasks mentioned above for test leaders.

Developers have a similar level of permissions to testers, but they cannot create or modify test runs and test suites.

External users can only create bug reports and edit the bug reports they have created or been assigned. Ideally, external users are used in these two situations:

  1. to allow users who are not normally included in the testing process to report bugs
  2. to allow the testing team to assign bug reports to an external provider, who does not have access to other information in the system.

Hopefully the FAQs above will have addressed a few of your concerns. We will be sharing another 10 common FAQs we get asked very soon!

Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you quickly integrate ReQtest into your tool box and like our page on Facebook for more useful information about the world of Software Testing.

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