#1 Cloud Based Requirements, Test management and bug tracking tool

Test management, Bug Tracking Tool

ReQtest is an intuitive and easy to use testing tool with end-to-end project management capabilities that delivers an efficient user experience.

Efficiently manage test cases, plans & runs

Easy and efficient requirement management

Advanced bug tracking features

Support for an agile way of working

Why choose ReQtest for your team?

Plan, track, & release great software

Access from anywhere

Reqtest is a fully cloud-based solution. All your team needs to access ReQtest is a web browser.

Top rated support

We have our own staff and their knowledge is as good in the field of software testing as in the tool itself.

Pay for what you use

Pay monthly based on the number of active users. This way you only pay for what you really use.

Trusted by thousands

ReQtest has customers ranging from a few users up to large corporations such as Scania and Thomas Cook.

Key features

Successful project management starts here
Comprehensive test management

Comprehensive test management

The test management module helps your acceptance testers become productive quickly. You can also get actionable insights into your testing process with extensive reports.

  • Integrated module to plan & execute test runs effortlessly
  • Tailor-made to support agile test case management
  • Intuitive test management process
  • Aggregated reporting to gain actionable insights
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Advanced bug tracking tool

Advanced bug tracking features

ReQtest provides the easiest & fastest way to track bugs. You can gain insights into the effectiveness of your bug tracking process through data visualization in a single click.

  • Effortlessly capture, track & manage bugs and issues
  • Charts for visual presentation of bugs
  • Built-in filters to quickly find specific bugs
  • Add images or videos with voice over to your bug reports
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Complete requirement management

Complete requirements management

ReQtest can be your go-to tool while working with business requirements, marketing requirements, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, UI requirements or any other requirements.

  • Prioritize & plan requirements effectively
  • End-to-end requirements traceability
  • Store requirements in a tree-based structure
  • One-click data visualization for actionable insights
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Intuitive agile board

Intuitive agile board to visualize tasks

Collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all your projects with an intuitive Agile board. Keep better track of the activities within your project.

  • Gain a holistic view of your project’s progress
  • Colored stickies to reflect tasks in a sprint or iteration
  • Link Agile board items to requirements, bugs & test cases
  • Find bottlenecks in the project quickly
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“We wanted a cloud-based solution so that we could avoid handling installation and maintenance and local configuration. We did not want to commit ourselves to a costly investment up front. Our goal was to find a tool that was installation-free and maintenance free.”

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