August 16, 2012

20 common FAQs we get about ReQtest-Part-2

A couple of weeks back we shared ten common questions we get about ReQtest, in the hope of helping you understand a few key factors right away. Today, we have another set of commonly asked questions which we get about our platform.

11. Can several users share a login?

Yes, but it would be pointless. The license agreement does not allow users to share user accounts.

One of ReQtest’s strongest features is the ability to assign requirement, test cases and bug reports to different users, as well as notifying users when this is done.

With a single login you only have a single user, which would mean losing out on these features completely. Moreover if two people are logged in at the same time from different computers but sharing a login, the session will fail when one of them logs out.

12. Can I work in two projects at the same time?

You can be involved in several projects simultaneously, of course, but generally speaking, you can only actually do work on one project at a time.

However, if you really need to, you can be logged in at two different projects in two different browsers at the same time.

13. How does invoicing work? Which users do I pay for?

We invoice you once a month. You pay only for the users which have been active in the calendar month we invoice you for. You stop paying for those users after you deactivate their accounts.

 14. How can I easily add screenshots?

ReQtest comes with a tool called ReQtest snapshot. By using it you can easily take screenshots of the whole screen or a specified part of the screen.

The screenshot is automatically uploaded to your bug report, test case or requirement. You install ReQtest Snapshot via the menu Settings/Screen capture.

15. How can I export links between items?

Put simply, you can’t. Links between items are only intended to work within a specific project.

16. I lost my bug report / someone deleted a test run / I cannot find my requirement. Can you find it / undelete it for me?

If the bug report is archived, you can see it by checking ‘Show archived items’. If the item has been deleted it can not be retrieved.

We recommend that the delete function is used only when an item was created in error or was a duplicate. In all other instances, the ‘archive’ feature should be used, as this removes the item from view, while retaining the ability to unarchive.

17. How can I see who executed a particular step in a test run?

You can see all the actions taken in ReQtest by clicking ‘Start Page’ and ‘Project History’. There is no history for test runs. You have to rely on the owner of the test run and that they were the one who executed a step.

18. How can I view all the comments in a test run?

Open and expand all the test cases in a test run which have an icon for a comment on them.

19. I cannot log in, my account has been deactivated. Can you reactivate it for me?

It could be that your free 10 day trial is over, in which case you need to register, or that you have forgotten your password. If you could provide us with your email credentials which you use for ReQtest we can confirm which of these scenarios it is.

Only the test leader in the project or the license can reactivate it for you. We can not do that because of security reasons.

20. How can I link an existing bug report to a test run?

You cannot manually create or delete links from a bug report to a test run. These links are automatically created whenever a tester executes a test run.

Hopefully the FAQs above will have addressed a few of your concerns. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you quickly integrate ReQtest into your tool box.

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