The only test management tool you’ll ever need

Reqtest test management tool has everything you need to release better software. Our leading tool empowers you take control of the quality assurance and Go-Live with full confidence.

  1. Easy to import test cases and build test scenarios
  2. 100% Traceability – link test cases, requirements and bug reports
  3. Delegate tests to different users
  4. Track progress and outcomes – report any bugs
  5. Save time by cloning and reusing test data
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4.5/5 –

“Low counted, we saved time equivalent to two full-time positions in just overhead costs during the testing phase”

Erik Karlström

Business Owner ERP & Integration, Elvenite

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  1. Structure your tests, requirements and bugs

  2. Delegate tasks and collaborate with suppliers or project members

  3. Follow the progress and get approval before Go-Live

How to do software testing in Reqtest

1. Test case management

Create test cases manually, import them from a file, use predefined templates, or clone test cases from previous projects. In a test case, you can add descriptions, expected outcomes, documents, images, or any other necessary information. You can also link test cases to specific requirements using the requirements module.

2. Build test runs

Create or reuse test runs. Plan the execution of test runs, organize test groups, and delegate them to responsible testers.

3. Execute tests

Perform tests directly in Reqtest or use the EasyTest feature to facilitate your acceptance tests (UAT).

4. Full traceability and version control

Reqtest provides full traceability so you can see who performed the test and when, as well as the outcome of the scenario. You also have access to all previous versions of test cases.

5. Test automation and integration with other tools

You can easily integrate Reqtest with your test automation tool to have all test results in one place. Automatically transfer bugs from your test automation and eliminate unnecessary duplicate work. Reqtest supports integration with most test automation tools.

6. Bug tracking

Testers can create bug reports in the tool or via EasyTest. The test steps are automatically included in the bug report. The tester only needs to provide a title and the actual result. This saves time for the tester and makes it easy for the reviewer to understand the outcome.

7. Get valuable insights from your data

Powerful reporting feature to analyze test results and gain insights. You can configure your own reports, create graphs, and save views in dashboards. This makes it easy to see real-time status, measure progress in a project, and identify trends over time.

Friction-free Acceptance Testing with EasyTest

Don’t make your end users test the software with tech savvy developer tools. With Reqtest’s EasyTest feature, you can easily involve employees in UAT (User Acceptance Testing). EasyTest is a simplified testing interface that allows individuals working in the business to perform tests regardless of their role or expertise.

All features you need

Requirements & goals

Easiest way to structure and manage your requirements and goals

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Test management

Create test cases, build test runs and quality assure your system

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Bug tracking

Report, prioritize and solve bugs together with your team

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Reports & data

Follow the progress in your project and get valuable insights

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Integrations & API

Connect your applications to Reqtest and create a seamless flow

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Invite, compare and communicate with the vendors

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Agile board

Visualize the project plan and cooperate with your team on important tasks

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Much more than a tool – experience Senior Customer Success

Our goal is that you succeed in your IT-project. That is why we, on top of the features in our tool, provide the best support on the market. Your personal advisor helps you to take your project to the next lever.

  • Educate you and your team in the tool
  • Support you through your project and challenges that occur
  • Help you optimize your processes
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