Empowering organizations to succeed in their digitalization

Reqtest is the leading tool in the Nordics for quality assuring IT-projects and maintenance. Our vision is for every company and organization to succeed in their digitalization efforts in order to future-proof their business.

Our customers have one shared goal,

to succeed in their digital transformation


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Do as our customers – put the organization in the driver’s seat

The majority of larger IT-projects go over budget, deadline, and fail to create sufficient value for the organization. A major reason for this is that digitalization is seen as the IT department’s responsibility, rather than the organization’s.

Our customers think differently.

They have realized that the organization needs to be in involved and engaged in order to succeed in in their digital transformation. That is also why they use Reqtest, a tool designed for projects involving the entire organization.

Our solution

The story of Reqtest


Requirements & Test Management

Reqtest started as a dedicated requirements and test tool in large and complex implementation projects. The emphasis was on user-friendliness, enabling employees beyond IT to take responsibility for the  solutions that impact their processes and daily work.


Standardize and scale up

Over the years, we saw a clear need from our customers to be able to streamline their implementations. Therefore, we made it possible to standardize and scale your IT projects. In addition, we expanded the team with senior advisors who offers dedicated support throughout the process.

About Reqtest

Reqtest was founded in 2009, and has been a part of the Nordtech Group since 2021. Our SaaS tool has been instrumental in empowering hundreds of businesses to take control and succeed in their ERP projects. We take pride in being the leading tool among Scandinavian organizations when it comes to test, requirement and bug tracking.

  1. English support and advisory services
  2. Headquarters located in Stockholm
  3. Complient with information security standard according to ISO/IEC 27001

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  1. Dedicated Senior Customer Success
  2. Easy integration to your favorite tools
  3. Complies with ISO/IEC 27001

4.5/5 – Capterra.com

“We can guarantee greater quality and results in the projects. Now we have a system supporting tool where everything is gathered and also meets the requirements for information security, which is very important for us and our customers.”

Ulrica Wihlborg

Manager PMO, Visma Enterprise

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