May 10, 2015

A bit of ReQtest history

ReQtest is a proprietary test management product, developed by ReQtest AB, used for requirements management test case management bug tracking, and issue tracking. The product name, ReQtest, is not an acronym but rather a portmanteau comprised of ‘ReQ’ from ‘requirements and ‘test’ from ‘testing’. ReQtest has been developed since 2001.


ReQtest is a commercial software product available solely as a hosted application or SaaS. Pricing for ReQtest depends on the number of active users, with €30 per month per user being the typical price, though this is subject to change in cases of very large teams with hundreds of users. ReQtest AB invoices monthly per active user the previous calendar month.


The code behind ReQtest started being written by one of the founders Ulf Eriksson in 2001. The inspiration for the product came to Eriksson when on assignment for a large car manufacturer where he was requested to suggest a bug reporting tool.

Eriksson’s subsequent research revealed that the existing tools were expensive, not user friendly and contained far too many features.

Eriksson started coding ReQtest with the intention of creating a tool that did not carry these drawbacks. The tool was aimed to be easy to use, available at an affordable price and including the most wanted features. At that point the tool’s name was TestNet since it was largely focused on testing, however when the feature list was expanded, the product was renamed to ReQtest so as to reflect the support for both requirements management and testing.

Being a vocal exponent of services on the web, the decision was made that the as-yet-unnamed testing and bug reporting service would be SaaS.

Being on the cloud allows ReQtest to be efficient and highly scalable while keeping the customer free of concerns as to how ReQtest should run. Additionally, adopting usage of cloud infrastructure saves ReQtest customers vast expenses in in-house servers and the maintenance costs associated with them.

Between 2001 and 2009, ReQtest was a business area within Konsultbolag1, a leading consultancy firm and provider of training and consultancy services within the area of testing and requirements management in Sweden.

In 2009 ReQtest AB was split to form a separate company.

ReQtest Timeline

2001-2004 – Development without customers.

2004 – ReQtest gains its first beta customers.

2004-2007 – ReQtest releases features for requirements management, traceability matrixes and checklists.

2009 – ReQtest acquires its first international customer.

2010 April – New requirements management module.

2010 July – Improved filtering and new project selector.

2012 – More developers hired to join the ReQtest team, improved features for managing users and projects

2013 – ReQtest introduces ReQtest Connect, an API that makes it possible to link ReQtest to other tools such as Jira or Microsoft TFS for customers with blended environments.


ReQtest AB claims that ReQtest is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, requirements management and test management by over 5,000 users spread over 150 organizations in ten countries around the globe.

Some of the organizations currently using ReQtest for bug-tracking and project management are Sveaskog, Acando, Schibsted, Svensk Bilprovning, Göteborg Energi, Fryklövern, PDB, Toyota, Glentel, Boxer, Ragn Sells, Exie A/S, Forex Bank, COOP MedMera, SCB Statistics Sweden and Länsförsäkringar Bank, among others.

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