March 7, 2013

Customer survey and ReQtest update

We are currently performing a survey with our existing customer base. The survey asks our customers all about their opinions of ReQtest, their wishes for future features and much more. We carried out a customer survey in 2010 and that was a great success, so we decided to replicate that this year too.

The responses are used to prioritize future development so this is a great opportunity for our customers to make their voices heard with us and quickly raise their concerns with the very people who build and maintain ReQtest.

Additionally, the customer survey gives us valuable insight into who is using ReQtest, and how they are using it, as well as to what end. For example, the roles that use ReQtest nowadays include Testers, Requirements managers, Project leaders, Test leader, Developers, Maintenance personnel and more!

We hope to have lots of great insights from our 2013 survey too, insights which we can use and adopt to always create a kick-ass product which you want to use and which is not a hindrance in your day to day work, rather an awesome tool!

New ReQtest release on March 15th

ReQtest will undergo a scheduled upgrade on Friday, March 15th, from 4pm to 6pm CET. The ReQtest platform will be unavailable during that time. Bear with us for that couple of hours, knock off work early, and come back Monday for an updated and even more awesome ReQtest!

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