March 20, 2015

Have you tried our new widgets yet?

Last Friday we rolled out the latest version of ReQtest.

Each release gives us the opportunity to include innovations, which we have develop after listening to our users needs and in response to the trends we observe in the testing world and beyond.

In fact, if you’ve already logged onto ReQtest you probably have already noticed the three new dashboard widgets on the start page. I encourage you to check them all about, but first, let me tell you what the fuss is all about and how these widgets will help you work more efficiently.

Agile board status

The agile board status is a nifty widget that adds even more convenience to your agile board.

You can now instantly pull up a snapshot of the status of your stickies on your agile boards, giving you an overview of how many stickies are done and how many are left; plus a countdown of the days left in the sprint.

You can check on the status of each one of your team’s agile boards and use this information to gain a quick insight into your overall progress for individual sprints in between your team’s daily stand-up meetings.

All your requirements, test cases and bugs – in one place

Sometimes the simplest solutions are by far the most effective! This nifty little widget is actually three widgets rolled in one which saves you time by giving you a panoramic view of all your requirements, test cases and bugs across all of your projects.

Instead of the old widget, which came with a dropdown per project that only showed the items in one project at a time, the new widget lists all the data in your projects on the same screen, so that all the stuff you need can be accessed from one spot!

It’s basically the difference between looking through a key-hole and having X-ray vision! After all, we did promise we’d turn ordinary testers into super-testers, didn’t we?

The new widget also provides you with clickable links for each item, allowing you to quickly work your way through any active tasks that need your attention.

My Notes

Finally, the My Notes widget gives you a quick and easy way to jot down your personal musings and ideas. Since only you can see what’s written on you notes, you can make use of it any way you wish.

Just remembered you need to buy some bread? Pull up a note, type it in and you can turn your attention back to where you left off. The widget can instantly transition from being a personal memo to a useful work tool which lets you capture important tasks and data.

In fact, like other text areas in ReQtest, any links you type in the widget become automatically clickable, making it perfect as an impromptu check-list too!

Try them out today

Each one of these features is now available on your team’s ReQtest start page. Check them out today and let us know what you think!

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