April 11, 2017

Henrik Andreasson is appointed as CEO of ReQtest

The Board of Directors of ReQtest AB has appointed Henrik Andreasson as the new CEO of the company. Henrik replaces the principal shareholders, Ulf Eriksson and Peter Habram, who are leaving their operational tasks and joining the Board of Directors.

ReQtest has enjoyed excellent growth in recent years, and has established itself as one of the leading cloud services in requirement and test management in Sweden. The platform which ReQtest has constructed is now ready for the next stage, focusing on accelerated product development and internationalisation. Henrik has been recruited to lead the company in this development.

Henrik’s most recent post was as CEO at Nordkom, a First North listed company, where he was involved in building one of Sweden’s leading digital agencies. Before that, he worked in various senior positions in IT and digitalisation.

”I am really excited to be joining ReQtest as CEO. The company has a strong position in the Swedish market, and as we take our product to the next level, I hope to consolidate this position at the same time as we increase our growth in Europe and the USA over the next few years. We have a scalable business model and a cloud-based product, and the work carried out by the principal shareholders in their operational role has given us an excellent platform to accelerate our growth and product development in the future,” says Henrik Andreasson.

”We are delighted to have Henrik on board at ReQtest. His background and the experience he brings are ideally suited to the path the company must now follow. As principal shareholders, we will continue our commitment to the company through our work on the Board,” say Ulf Eriksson and Peter Habram, founders of ReQtest.

About ReQtest

ReQtest AB develops and supplies the cloud-based tool, ReQtest, for requirement and test management. ReQtest is currently Sweden’s largest and fastest-growing tool for requirement and test management, with an average growth rate over the past 3 years of 15 %. ReQtest is represented in 15 countries.

For further information:
Henrik Andreasson, CEO, ReQtest
Henrik.andreasson at ReQtest dot com

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