February 4, 2013

ReQtest client testimonial – Schibsted

Schibsted is one of the largest media companies in Norway. With operations in 25 countries, the most important being in Norway and Sweden and approximately 7200 employees, Schibsted is a hugely influential conglomerate.

Recently, Schibsted started using ReQtest, in a number of projects and in several different locations. Given that they run a number of international projects, they have vendors and ReQtest users in different cities in England, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

We spoke to Odd-Arne Bjørklund, an established test consultant who advises Schibsted on a number of testing matters. Here’s what what Odd-Arne had to say.

“When we were going to start testing in our biggest ongoing project in Norway, we started looking for a testing tool that could easily be used in our different locations in Norway as well as covering our requirements for a test tool. In essence, we found that ReQtest combined good functionality with low cost, just what we wanted.

After a quick search on the net we found a few potential candidates but it was ReQtest that most caught our attention. The pricing model and the strength of what ReQtest offers through their online testing tool, as well as the possibility to activate and deactivate users as you need them were the main things which piqued our interest. If we chose ReQtest, we could basically control the cost of the tool on a month to month basis.

I have used several other testing tools, but most of them are installation based tools and don’t have the advantage that ReQtest has in being a cloud based test tool. This was one of the important points when we were looking for a test tool; we didn’t want the cost and maintenance of servers. Compared to competitors, Reqtest is a powerful and worthy test management tool.

ReQtest offered us all the basic functionality that anyone would want in a test tool and more. After using ReQtest for a while, I can say that we are very satisfied with how it works. Because it’s so easy to use the testers are pleased with it and they see ReQtest as a tool and not a hindrance to what they need to do.”


Pressed further about users’ opinion about ReQtest, Odd-Arne said that ReQtest users at Schibsted don’t need much time to understand how to use the tool, meaning they can focus on important tasks such as writing test cases, running tests and reporting bugs.

Asked about support, Odd-Arne said, “Customer support is exceptionally good at Reqtest as they have short response times and do their absolute best to help you. I’m used to communicating with a large Corporate test tool provider and I can say that the support that ReQtest offers is hugely superior. I have used support and most of the times it’s been me not reading the how-to guides well enough. ReQtest support is super quick and give good answers to question and better still, has improvement suggestion in that they actually listen to you and take your suggestion into consideration and discuss it with product developer.”


Odd-Arne’s favourite aspects of ReQtest are that it has all the functionality you need to run a structured test project, that it’s cloud based and you don’t have to think about the cost of servers and maintenance, that it’s got a very reasonable pricing model and that it offers a low entry level for novice testers. Furthermore, Odd-Arne likes that ReQtest makes is easy to sort defects and to group them.

We asked Odd-Arne about how ReQtest is typically used at Schibsted, to which he replied, “We write our requirements and define test-cases. Once this is done we create test-runs based on business workflows. We then assign the workflows to testers, whose responsibility it is to run them. There are several users that need to run the test run since it involves the entire business workflow. During the test run testers report bugs in the test run so that we can get these linked to the test and to the requirement. All of this is done easily in ReQtest”

Lastly we spoke to Add-Arne about money and asked him how affordable he thinks ReQtest is, to which he replied that knowing what other providers take for their licenses, ReQtest is very very affordable. “Being able to scale up and down the amount on users makes ReQtest very flexible when it comes to ROI.”

We’re very thankful and grateful to Odd-Arne for giving us such a glowing testimonial, and hope to help him and his sizable testing teams for many years to come!


About the author

Odd-Arne Bjørklund has been working as developer, tester and test manager for many years, mainly focusing on test. Missing a feeling of community within the testing industry in Norway, he started a test forum which arranges meet-ups and publishes interesting testing materials. Odd-Arne has a burning passion for testing and is forever promoting testing and its importance within the software lifecycle.

For more info on Odd-Arne Bjørklund or to get in touch, go to his LinkedIn profile.

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