December 9, 2013

ReQtest clients – COOP MedMera

The Swedish Cooperative Union, KF, consists of an association of 41 customer cooperative sub-sections with over 3 million associates in Sweden.

KF is the parent company of the KF Group in which the grocery retail industry, Coop, is its main business. Coop is available in over 700 locations across Sweden; it is the only cooperative grocery chain that is collectively owned by over 3.3 million members.

Additionally, the KF Group also hosts grocery shop chains including Coop Extra, Coop Nära, Coop Konsum and Coop Forum and therefore boasts 21.5% of the total Swedish produce retail industry. The KF Group also includes a number of subsidiary sectors including the real estate business KF Fastigheter, Vi Magazine, KF Invest and PAN Vision Group amongst other notable companies.


We spoke to Birgitta Karlsson from Coop MedMera who stated that, “Word and Excel are not test tools and are definitely not cost-effective”; after using these tools in virtually each company project, Birgitta states that too much time was dedicated to non-effective tasks such as tracking information located in differing documents on varying serves. Documenting test cases, distribution to testers and follow-up process procedures was time-consuming and inefficient.

“What was necessary, was a tool that could collect all test data in a single database, which would provide us at Coop MedMera with a more stream-lined and structured way of distributing tests,” says Birgitta.

“ReQtest gave us exactly what we needed. Test cases are documented and distributed in ReQtest, which also provides a clear flow and structure to our work, from testing to bug tracking and creating test reports within minutes.” – Birgitta Karlsson, Coop MedMera

All related problems were curbed once ReQtest was utilized. Birgitta reports that ReQtest provided the key solution; by using ReQtest, test cases can be documented and distributed while allowing for clear flow, cohesion and structure in the work carried out by those at Coop MedMera. Additionally, testing, bug-tracking and the creation of test reports was optimized through high-speed rates.

Birgitta claims that ultimately, the time saved thanks to using ReQtest meant that the initial investment has paid for itself several times over. Additionally, at Coop MedMera, Birgitta believes that one of ReQtest’s strongholds is that it is highly easy to manage, so much so, that even a non-tech savvy person may quickly become accustomed to its simple, user-friendly features.

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