May 29, 2012

ReQtest clients – Forex Bank

Forex Bank is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange bureaus. With a turnover of over 40 billion SEK from branch offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway in 2008 alone, Forex Bank is a major player in the banking, finance and insurance verticals, and their banking services with a personal touch and high availability are very much sought after.

Forex Bank has been a ReQtest customer since 2010, when consultants suggested it. There was no tool at all before ReQtest was implemented, but this did not hamper testers’ learning curve upon our tool’s introduction.

In fact, Marie Nygren , who consults for Forex on ReQtest as a Test Manager and is also their ReQtest Super User, feels that her favourite aspect of ReQtest is how easy it is to get started with.

“ReQtest works great for tests at the business side of the company in which testers often are inexperienced. ReQtest makes our acceptance testers become productive quickly. Mail support works great, and I always get a fast response and a professional attitude, Marie went on to say.

At Forex, acceptance testers are spread across Scandinavia so the fact that you can log in to ReQtest from wherever you are is just great. You only need a browser to be able to design test cases that everyone can see.”

The same can not be said of other tools which Marie has used including tools from HP, which she insists have a very steep learning. Furthermore, the Forex team is geographically distributed, which causes more issues when using HP products. Allowing testers who are spread out over Scandinavia to access the test cases might be possible with HP, but is complex and involves playing around with networks and firewalls.

With 56 ReQtest users at Forex Bank, there is a variety of roles who each use ReQtest to their purposes, including business specialists working on acceptance tests, test designers and external suppliers.

Marie Nygren reports that all parts of ReQtest are used equally at Forex Bank, although, requirements are not entered by requirements engineers from the start; they are entered by testers, helping Forex achieve a higher traceability. All that remains from the Forex team and Marie is to continue using ReQtest to its full potential, while on our side, the responsibility is of adding more excellent functionality and increasing our platform’s convenience.

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