March 11, 2013

ReQtest clients – Sveaskog

Sveaskog sells timber, pulpwood and biofuel and works with land transactions while offering hunting, fishing, and land for local entrepreneurs in a nature-based tourism model. Sustainable development is central to all of Sveaskog’s activities, and the organisation takes great responsibility in driving development not only in forestry but also of new uses of wood, wood products and forest land.

Owned by the Swedish state, Sveaskog’s turnover is of around seven billion kronor and the company has a work complement of about 720 employees. Since early 2010, 164 of Sveaskog’s employees have been using ReQtest.

We spoke to Nina Filipska-Romilson who works at Sveaskog as a test manager for a number of systems and projects, about how the team perceives ReQtest and what their opinion of the product is.

“Back in March 2010, when we first evaluated ReQtest, it took us less than the 10 day trial period to realize that ReQtest provided a good basis for a more structured approach and gives a good overview of the work being carried out. The decision to continue with ReQtest was automatic after that.

At Sveaskog we use all the modules of ReQtest for managing requirements, planning and conducting tests and manage error reporting.”

As well as working continuously with system and acceptance testing Sveaskog have testers, test managers, requirement managers and suppliers involved in their projects. Sveaskog users of ReQtest are located in Sweden.

When it comes to getting help in case of any questions or issues, Nina says she is pleased with the support.

As one of long-standing and most loyal customers, we’re extremely satisfied to have always met and exceeded Sveaskog’s expectations and needs, especially when their role is so central to Sweden’s ecology.

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