February 4, 2013

ReQtest clients – Svensk Bilprovning

AB Svensk Bilprovning is among Sweden’s leading companies within the vehicle inspections arena. The company’s business is contributing to less traffic accidents and helping so that lives are rescued.

Like ReQtest 😛 , AB Svensk Bilprovning’s job is mainly to discover errors, thus also contributing to reduce the automobile’s influence on the environment.

With 210 stations from Karesuando in the north to Trelleborg in the south of Sweden, many AB Svensk Bilprovning customers are less than three miles to the nearest vehicle inspection station and the company also operates two mobile stations which regularly visit a number of towns in sparsely populated areas of Sweden.

AB Svensk Bilprovning has been a ReQtest user for over 8 years, since 2004 to be precise. With 42 employees using ReQtest, AB Svensk Bilprovning has a rather sizable team, so we spoke to Mikael Engman, consultant and test-leader at the company.

Although Mikael was not working at AB Svensk Bilprovning when they started to use ReQtest, he suspects that when they were searching for a tool, they looked for one that had good functions, a friendly price tag and was very easy to learn, use and understand. Their final choice in ReQtest matched all of these criteria.

AB Svensk Bilprovning uses ReQtest for every role there is and they’ve concentrated their work around using ReQtest’s bug reports. Mikael feels that he can get a really good overview and easily follow the flow thanks to the clear system ReQtest has for the traceability matrix.

Mikael also stated that none of his colleagues have ever felt that ReQtest is difficult to understand,  and in fact it’s easy to learn and start using right away. No one on the team thinks that ReQtest is tricky or complicated and even in cases where AB Svensk Bilprovning used ReQtest support, they have experienced that support is quick to answer their questions and always gave a clear and concise answer.

Additionally Mikael thinks that ReQtest has a license model that is sensible and worth the money. On our part, we wouldn’t go get our car looked at anywhere else!

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