November 4, 2015

ReQtest’s Ulf Eriksson speaks at SAST 20th anniversary event


The Swedish Association for Software Testing (SAST) is a non-profit organisation for testers in Sweden, which was established in 1995 as a forum where members could exchange their experiences and insights from working in the field of software testing. The organisation holds full-day seminars every quarter for members, where experts from all around the world are invited to speak and share their knowledge.

For their 20th year anniversary celebration, SAST invited four testing professionals to talk about the latest test management trends that are shaping the industry. Out of thousands of potential speakers based in Sweden and abroad, ReQtest CEO Ulf Eriksson was selected as one of the four speakers who presented their views to over 700 fellow testers in attendance.

During his presentation, Ulf touched upon four trends that are currently impacting the way teams and organisations carry out their responsibilities from a technical and business point of view, namely:

  1. Agile is the norm for testing and business sides
  2. Scrapping manual automation testing
  3. The emergence of T-shaped testers
  4. The migration of business testers into the development teams

A summary of the points mentioned in the presentation delivered by Ulf at the event will be posted on this blog shortly. Make sure to check back for updates, and follow ReQtest on Facebook and Twitter, and Ulf on Twitter, for more news and articles about agile software testing.

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