September 13, 2012

The ReQtest team does Bologna

Last weekend, the ReQtest team took a little trip down to Bologna, Italy. Bologna is the capital of the Emiglia Romagna region, and is a city best known for its beautiful porticoes, red bricks, the world’s oldest university and its food, glorious food.

The company trip was a great opportunity for us all to take in the sights of a gorgeous city and relax for a couple of days. We climbed the Torre degli Asinelli, which was built between 1109 and 1119. The view of Bologna and greater Emiglia Romagna from the top of the Torre degli Asinelli is stunning, but one has to climb 498 steps to get there, at a height of 97 metres and 20 cm.

View of Bologna and greater Emiglia Romagna from the top of the Torre degli Asinelli, 498 steps, 97 metres and 20cm up.

We also found the time to visit some of the producers of incredibly delicious foodstuffs Bologna is renowned for. Our visit to an aceto balsamico (balsamic vinegar) factory was a great experience and highly informative; in fact we all learned a lot about what makes excellent aceto balsamico as opposed to store bought low grade stuff.

We also visited a cheese-maker and bought almost the equivalent of our weight in Parmesan, and had a lovely little recce round a few vineyards as well as sampled their wares. Of course, our visits to these wonderful places were all strictly in a professional capacity, we wanted to test out the quality of the products and assure ourselves that our requirements were met. 😛

Plenty of excellent food was enjoyed by all during this trip, and of course there was much geek talk which might have bemused any English speakers within earshot.

We also had the opportunity to discover exactly how we’re faring in business as well as the trends we’re currently observing. It was a very relaxed setting and lots of great ideas were traded, so stay tuned for more cool and helpful changes in ReQtest.

During this short company trip to Bologna, a few facts about the ReQtest team were uncovered. First of all, regardless of their dietary customs, all of us here at ReQtest are won over by a plate of excellently cooked (al dente) fresh pasta. Following much deliberation, it was also surmised that the team’s favourite wine is an Amarone Valpolicella, but perhaps most interesting is the discovery that no less than ten languages are spoken by ReQtest’s ten person strong team.

This trip was a great chance to relax and unwind a little over the weekend and catch up with our friends and colleagues at ReQtest. We now have a lot of work to be done, so feel free to browse our blog and the pictures of us enjoying oursevles in Bologna below, while we implement more awesome in ReQtest! Till next time!

Awesome ice cream

Aceto Balsamico, the good stuff

Parmesan cheese, and lots of it

Per learning more about wine

98 metres down from the top of Torre degli Asinelli

98 metres down from the top of Torre degli Asinelli

Team dinner

Per (with a slight hangover) talking us through what he does at ReQtest

Team lunch

Marvellous architecture

Team dinner + more wine

Liqueurs, coffee, water and more ice cream

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