September 17, 2014

Welcome to ReQtest Annika and Colin

We’re multiplying!

Very recently, ReQtest opened an office in Malmö, and our first hires there are Annika and Colin. We’re expanding in this part of the country as we have a large customer base in the southern parts of Sweden, and so we knew we can serve them better by opening up on their backdoor, or front yard, so to speak. We make sure that we meet the demands of our customers by continually recruiting more developers. It is thanks to our customers that we can do continue building the ReQtest they all love.

Of course, our main office is in Stockholm, but fret not, communication is crystal clear as we are using our very Agile board so as to facilitate our distributed work.

Without further ado, let’s let Annika and Colin introduce themselves;


“My name is Annika and I work as a web developer at ReQtest, creating the front-end for the ReQtest product. I live in a small community outside Malmö, just by the sea, together with my husband and two kids. I really enjoy the coast where the water meets land.”


“My name is Colin. I joined ReQtest as a back end developer and will hopefully be making things happen behind the scenes. I recently moved to Lund from Portsmouth in England after deciding to make a holiday a little more permanent. I am now much closer to my girlfriend who is also from Lund. In my spare time I play Landhockey/Field Hockey for Lund Nayan as well as coaching their under 16 team. I am also starting SFI so that Google translate cannot mislead me anymore and so I can tell my terrible jokes in two languages!”

Welcome to the team Annika and Colin and hope you too love working at ReQtest! Say hello to our superheroes in Malmö!






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