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Agile Testing
18th July 2018

Agile Testing – Principles, methods & advantages

As the complexity of software development process is increasing continuously, the software testing approaches needs to evolve to keep up with the development approaches. Agile testing is a new age…
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Exploratory Testing Vs Scripted Testing
16th July 2018

A quick guide to Exploratory Testing Vs Scripted Testing

In the past decade, there is an exponential growth in the number of applications released in the market. Quality of an application has become the main differentiating factor. This has…
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Project Transition Plan
9th July 2018

Project transition – Transitioning from implementation to maintenance

A good project plan is imperative to the successful release of high-quality software to the market. Most of the times, the project managers and stakeholders focus on planning for the…
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Manual vs Automated Testing
4th July 2018

A quick guide to Manual Testing Vs Automated Testing

A project has three vital aspects that are cost, time, and quality. The prime objective of any project is to get a high-quality output while reducing the cost and the…
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Cost of Fixing Bugs
28th June 2018

How to reduce the cost of bugs?

There is an old phrase “A stitch in time saves nine” which is very true when handling bugs. The longer a bug is there in a program, the probability to…
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Excel for Test Cases
20th June 2018

7 reasons why excel is bad for test case management!

First of all, the simplest reason for not using excels sheets for test case management is that “Excel was never meant for test management.” Therefore overlooking this fact can cost…
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Scaling Agile Framework
14th June 2018

Mastering the craft of scaling agile with ReQtest

Over the past decade, agile methods have largely contributed to increasing teams’ performance. The success of agile at project level implicates that agile can improve the corporate performance as well.…
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reqtest jira integration
29th May 2018

What makes ReQtest “the best test management tool” connected to Jira?

An effective test management process is critical to the success of software testing. The importance of test management has significantly increased as the customers demand high-quality software. The quickly changing…
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Guide to User Acceptance Testing
21st May 2018

ReQtest and GDPR

The EU’s new data privacy law, GDRP goes into effect on May 25, 2018 and applies to anyone who has customers or contacts in the EU. What will be updated…
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bug tracking tools cloud
7th March 2018

5 Best Bug Tracking Tools to ensure success of your projects

Here is a list of the top bug tracking tools which helps you to ensure bug free software and projects. Explore 5 best open source and cloud based software defect tracking…
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27th October 2017

ReQtest price plan update – simplified and cheaper to scale

ReQtest AB is adjusting its licensing and pricing effective Nov 1, 2017. The main reasons we are doing these changes for are: Making it cheaper to scale up on users…
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24th October 2017

The Best Ways to Utilize Bug Report Templates

Bug report templates give you insights on your product and customers. Find out how to use them.
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