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Test Scenario and Test Case
19th September 2018

A quick guide to Test Scenario & Test Case

Software testing has evolved to keep up with the new age development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps.  Test case and Test scenario are two important aspects of software testing. …
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Business requirements document
5th September 2018

Business Requirements Document (BRD) – Understanding the basics

Business requirements document comes handy when you are looking for a technology service provider, consultant or a contractor to help you with a project. In this article, the key concepts…
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31st August 2018

Load Testing – Quick tutorial

Load testing helps to determine the behavior of an application when large numbers of users access the application simultaneously. It is a type of performance testing which identifies the maximum…
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user acceptance testing guide
30th August 2018

Jakob Svärdström appointed as new Chairman of the board for ReQtest

ReQtest has enjoyed excellent growth in recent years establishing itself as one of the leading cloud services in the requirement and test management space in the Nordics. With the recent…
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24th August 2018

5 best unit testing frameworks to automate unit tests

Unit testing is a way of testing the smallest piece of code referred to as a unit that can be logically isolated in a system. A unit is the smallest…
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Test Case Design
17th August 2018

Test case design techniques to ensure high-quality software

A good test case design technique is crucial to improving the quality of the software testing process.  This helps to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the released software.…
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10th August 2018

Test Management Tools – An insider guide to select the right test management tool

In a high-pressure development environment, the testing process is getting sidelined as there are time constraints. On the other hand, the quality of the released software is getting greater emphasis…
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Agile Vs Scrum
7th August 2018

A quick guide to Agile and Scrum

The agile approach introduced many benefits which were not possible in the traditional waterfall development approach such as delivering high-value features within short delivery cycles. Agile helps to improve the…
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Project management challenges
1st August 2018

7 Project management challenges in distributed development

In a distributed development environment, the teams involved in a project may be working from multiple business worksites or locations. Distributed development is imperative for the businesses, whether they are…
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30th July 2018

Plan and execute tests like a pro – Best practice guide

Test management is a practice of organizing and controlling the process and artifacts that are required for software testing. Test management has become more complicated as it not only involves…
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Software Testing Trends
23rd July 2018

10 software testing trends to watch out for in 2019

With the advent of Agile and DevOps development technologies, the software development industry is undergoing major disruptions. This has lead to the evolution of new testing approaches.  The Quality Assurance…
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Agile Testing
18th July 2018

Agile Testing – Principles, methods & advantages

As the complexity of software development process is increasing continuously, the software testing approaches needs to evolve to keep up with the development approaches. Agile testing is a new age…
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