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By 25th March 2014 December 20th, 2018 Development

ReQtest is now even easier to integrate and its functionality can be greatly extended using existing and brand spanking new integrations we’ve just launched.

Integration with other applications is something that many ReQtest customers care about, and our development team is constantly thinking of ways to add new integration possibilities and make your life even easier.

Straightforward integration with e-mail

We recently introduced the ability to email bug reports and requirements into ReQtest, which gives you a low-cost and low-tech way to quickly get issues into ReQtest. You can let your users e-mail their bug reports and change requests right into one of your ReQtest projects and let ReQtest automatically create bug reports or requirements.

This makes it much easier to gather all user/customer feedback in one place, in ReQtest, where you can easily find everything that is important when planning the next release. More and more of our customers use ReQtest as a portal for all issues and requests that arise within an organization. Users submitting issues via e-mail are free, so we won’t charge you anything for bug reports created this way. Any email attachments such as screenshots are also included when users email them, and of course these help to make your bug reports even clearer.

Powerful integration with ReQtest Connect

The most powerful and flexible solution for integrating ReQtest with others tools is our API, called ReQtest Connect. Connect lets other tools “talk” to ReQtest. Using ReQtest Connect you can painlessly integrate with practically everything.

One common scenario where Connect can be used is to create a two-way sync between ReQtest and another issue-tracking tool. When set up, you could manage requirements and testing within ReQtest and let developers handle bug reports in another system, regardless of whether the whole team is located on the same site or if they are spread across the world.

When the developer updates a bug report in their system, data in ReQtest will automatically be updated and you don’t have to manually copy information between the systems. To use Connect, you do have to spend some development time building the integration between ReQtest and the tool you want ReQtest to communicate with, but once it’s built, it’s built and will serve you conveniently for a long time.

Cloud-based integration with Zapier

Our newest member of the integration family is Zapier. Zapier lets you easily connect ReQtest to other cloud-based apps, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. Zapier allows you to connect ReQtest to any of over 250 popular web apps. Examples of possible integrations are Gmail, Salesforce, Zendesk, Trello, Dropbox and Jira.

The way Zapier works is that you decide what you want to happen in one app when something happens in another app.

Using Zapier you can create bug reports in ReQtest automatically when something happens in another app. For instance, bug reports can be automatically created if someone enters a new row in a Google spreadsheet or if someone adds a sticky note to a board in Trello. If you have a help desk tool, you can create ReQtest bugs when somebody creates a helpdesk issue of a specific type.

Of course, it works the other way around as well. When someone creates a new bug report in one of your ReQtest projects, you can have Zapier create an issue for you in Jira, add a task in a Google Spreadsheet or send an SMS to a specified recipient.

One situation when this comes in handy is when your test team uses ReQtest for testing and bug reporting, but your external supplier has their own issue reporting tool. You could use Zapier to automatically create an issue in Jira when a bug report is created in ReQtest. Or why not notify people via Google Talk, or HipChat?

We chose to begin with bug reports because that is the area in ReQtest where our customers most often ask about integration possibilities. But we plan to extend this based on customer interest. If you are interested in integrating with any other part of ReQtest then do let us know; we’d love to hear from you!

Currently you need an invitation to try out the ReQtest integrations with Zapier. If you would like to try it out, let us know and we will gladly send you an invite straight away.

Meanwhile, make sure to explore all the other applications on Zapier to see which of your tools are there, and to find even more integration possibilities.

We are here to help you

If you would like some tips or advice on the best approach to integrate ReQtest with other tools, don’t hesitate to contact ReQtest support. Our experienced support engineers can give you advice on how to integrate ReQtest, the best test management tool on the market, with other leading tools.

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