Rededge: Time-Pressed Project Required Clear Structure to Succeed

Rededge is a highly specialized consulting firm that offers services in areas such as ERP implementation, solution architecture, and project management.

When two companies were establishing a joint service center, they needed a new shared ERP-system. With the help of Reqtest, both project manager Anette from Rededge and test leader Michael could create a clear structure and ensure the quality before Go-Live.

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Rededge’s client brought in Anette Eriksson to lead the implementation of the new ERP system. When she stepped in, the project was time-pressed, and all requirements were documented in an Excel file. Anette, with extensive experience as an ERP management consultant, realized what was needed to succeed in the project.

– It was a complicated project where two companies within the group were merging to create a shared service center. The companies had two different ERP systems, and they wanted to implement a shared system. I immediately understood that a clear structure would be necessary to succeed, which meant we needed a tool to gather and ensure that the requirements were met.

Recommended to use Reqtest

Since the ERP-system provider had no preselected tool or method, a new tool was needed to structure and follow up on the tests. Anette was recommended by her colleagues at Rededge to use Reqtest.

– I knew that Reqtest had a structure and features for a shared review process based on my colleagues’ experience. After a brief introduction by Reqtest Customer Success Manager, we were up and running.

Initially, they used Reqtest’s requirement and test structure. IT consultant Michael Langendorf, the test leader in the project, mentions that the time constraints and the number of test cases influenced how they organized the testing.

– It wouldn’t have been possible to use Excel, where nearly 70 requirements with 260 test cases were gathered. So we quickly learned to use the export-import features in Reqtest to transfer the information and create a structure based on the tool’s templates.

Control over status and progress

Between 8 and 20 people conducted the tests in the project. They reported the results in Reqtest, and everyone in the project team could follow the status and progress in the tool.

– One of the better features in Reqtest was that we always knew exactly where we were in the tests. We had very good control over how far we had progressed in testing linked to the requirements and which requirements we had verified, says Michael.

Clear decision supported advanced Go-Live

Thanks to the overview in Reqtest, it soon became clear that they wouldn’t have time to address all the registered bugs, and Go-Live needed to be postponed. The reports in the tool provided them with clear data to communicate with the steering group.

– With the help of Reqtest, we could visualize the status and progress so that the steering group understood that we were not ready for deployment.

Can reuse 70–80 percent for the next project

The next step is rolling out the ERP system in more companies in the organization, and they continue to use Reqtest in this work. Due to the structure and templates they have already created, this phase and future projects will be much smoother.

– I have gone through all the tests and identified templates that we can reuse, and it is as much as 70–80 percent of the test cases, especially within standard processes like finance and HR. But they need to be adapted slightly to each business, says Michael.

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