Visma Enterprise: higher quality and time savings in large implementation projects

System provider Visma Enterprise wanted to work more systematically with quality assurance, especially when it came to testing during their customer projects. The solution was to add Reqtest as a QA tool. Five years later, Visma conduct projects where the testing phase is faster and the quality is ensured. The company also believes that using Reqtest sets them apart from their competitors.

Wanted to improve the testing phase

Visma Enterprise is a leading system provider of business-critical software, such as WFM, payroll, and HR systems, used in both private and public sectors. Ulrika Wihlborg works there as Manager PMO, overseeing Visma Enterprise’s project managers. Five years ago, Visma decided to revisit their quality assurance. While they already had a developed project methodology, they saw potential for improvement, particularly in their testing.

– At that time, we used a combination of Excel, Word, and email to manage test cases and communicating with the customer. Since conduct large complex system implementations, this resulted in uncertainty and a lot of duplicated work. Additionally, it felt like we were reinventing the wheel every time a new project started, explains Ulrika.

Higher quality and fewer bugs

This is where Reqtest came in as a tool for structuring the testing phase, easily test the system, and get customer acceptance on their delivery. With Reqtest, they could gather all test data in one place, eliminating the need to email bug reports back and forth.

– Since projects span over a longer period and involve 10-15 team members, it demands high coordination. Here, Reqtest helps us achieve better structure, says Ulrika.

Reqtest is currently used for two of Visma Enterprise’s systems, and they are also planning to implement it for a third system. Mainly, they utilize the test management and bug reporting features. When a new customer project begins, Visma Enterprise sets up test cases in the tool for the customer to review. If they come across any bugs, the customer can easily create a bug report that is sent to Visma Enterprise.

– The process in Reqtest helps us identify serious issues early, or new needs, which may have consequences for the time schedule and cost. We could never achieve this if we were emailing Excel files back and forth. There are also fewer bugs and error reports than before, and we have better quality when the system goes live, says Ulrika.

Visual reports foster consensus

Something that has been very helpful for both project managers and customers is the ability to create visual reports in Reqtest. It makes it easy to track progress and ensure that the schedule is being maintained.

– In the reports, we can track the number of error reports in relation to the set deadlines. It gives the customer reassurance, since we have a consensus on what needs to be done, what we’ve checked off, and what remains. We also appreciate being able to produce nice reports for presentations to the steering groups.

In addition to visualizing project progress, the reports in Reqtest can also be used to streamline internal processes, something that Visma Enterprise plans to explore in the near future.

– We’re investigating how we can use the reports to analyze bug reports linked to test cases. Then we will be able to understand if there were errors in the setup or if the test cases were unclear.

New projects are set up in just an hour

Visma Enterprise has created a template project in Reqtest that they always use when starting a new project with a customer. It includes a set of standard tests that are extremely detailed, and the customer can also add their own test cases if desired. But essentially, Visma Enterprise almost always uses the same template when starting a new project, which has resulted in significant time savings.

– Now it only takes about an hour to start a new project. After that, both we and the customer work in Reqtest practically daily, throughout almost the entire project, says Ulrika.

Visma Enterprise continuously works on improving their template project. After each completed project, an evaluation is conducted to adjust and supplement the template for even more efficient work processes.

Clear advantage in customer discussions

When customers procure Visma Enterprise systems, there are requirements for processes, security, and user-friendliness.

– We believe it’s a clear advantage for us to use Reqtest in customer dialogues. It sets us apart! We describe it as a secure tool that improves collaboration and is easy to use,” says Ulrika, adding,
– We always receive positive feedback from our customers about Reqtest. How easy it is for them to set up their own test cases, for example. Even when they want to conduct acceptance testing with their end users, it works well. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone say that Reqtest is difficult; everyone finds it user-friendly.

Since implementing Reqtest, Visma has managed to streamline several aspects of their customer projects, such as templates and time spent on bug management. Ulrika also highlights increased security and quality in the testing phase as a bonus of using Reqtest:

– We can guarantee greater quality and results in the projects. Now we have a system supporting tool where everything is gathered and also meets the requirements for information security, which is very important for us and our customers.

Try Reqtest yourself

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