March 12, 2013

All About ReQtest Connect

We’re very happy to announce the launch of ReQtest Connect, a programming interface that connects ReQtest to the world at large and to your other tools. The idea behind ReQtest Connect has long been established and we’ve worked hard on it for some time now.

What is ReQtest Connect?

Essentially, ReQtest Connect enables entire teams to share information without having to copy files or information between different tools.

ReQtest Connect aims to solve problems caused by situations such as frequent switching between multiple programs for testing and bug reporting, development tools without support for testing, different teams using different tools, multiple tools used for similar tasks or huge difficulty in following-up tests as information is scattered in different systems.

ReQtest Connect

Why use ReQtest Connect?

The advantages of ReQtest Connect are many. For a start, using ReQtest Connect, each team can pick and use their favorite tool for their part of the requirements or testing process. Developers can use their tools, whether that’s JIRA, TFS or something else, while testers can use ReQtest which is extremely easy to use and boasts powerful features for planning, execution and follow up of tests.

Additionally, when a bug report is changed, it is automatically updated in all the other systems so that stakeholders always have the most current and up-to- date information.

Furthermore, ReQtest Connect  aids traceability between teams, regardless of whether they work with requirements, testing or development.

For more details about ReQtest Connect and what solution can be built using it, take a look at our dedicated ReQtest Connect page on If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line on

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