May 28, 2015

All-new features in ReQtest: New release launched

It’s time to finally uncover the latest ReQtest release. We’ve packed it with new functionalities designed to save your team more time and get you on the same page more easily.

Activity streams

Activity streams is a new page which shows you what your team has been up to by listing all their recent activity within a project and grouping them according to type, making it that more convenient for busy project managers and test leaders.

Viewing the activity streams is a little bit like checking-in with each one of your team members, without having to distract them from their work! By clicking on the activity streams page, you’ll get an overview of all your team activity at a glance, making it easier for you to evaluate overall progress.

To make it even easier for you to keep track of your team’s work, we’ve grouped the activity streams by item type: there are separate streams for requirements, test cases and bug reports.

Each event in the stream is linked to the item saved on ReQtest, so you can simply click on an event to pull up more details about a particular item.

The activity streams page is accessible to all users. If you have the role of test leader or administrator in ReQtest, you’ll notice that the “Project history” tab on the start page is no longer there – the new activity streams page now replaces project history.

Edit and delete comments

Never send comments with embarrassing typos to your colleagues again! Now you can edit any comment you wrote on-the-fly: just click on it and fix it.

If you left a comment on the wrong item by mistake, the latest ReQtest release also allows you to delete the comment and avoid misunderstandings in your team.

The new edit and delete functionalities for comments ensure that your team’s conversations on ReQtest always stay up-to-date and error-free, giving your instant clarity on your current and upcoming work priorities.

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