January 28, 2015

Introducing: A More Advanced and Powerful Way to Filter Issues in ReQtest and Find the Data You Need

One of the most helpful and popular features in ReQtest is the ability to create meticulously organised lists of requirements, test cases and bug reports filtered according to the specific criteria you demand.

Many users report that they were able save a lot of precious time thanks to ReQtest’s powerful filter-and-sort functionality, helping them finish their projects and assignments on time and within budget.

Watch this video channel to see how easy it is to filter and group data on ReQtest


ReQtest lets you instantly pull up any subset of issues that interest you using complex filter options, as well as save the search reults for later use or share it with your colleagues so that the the whole team can benefit from it.

We’ve created ReQtest to be very visual tool for its users. By pressing the diagram tab next to the list of results you can quickly produce detailed and insightful charts which provide you and your team with all the relevant information you require at a glance.

An Innovative Way to Organise and Visualise Your Data

Now, we have decided to take the next logical step, and develop a new, more advanced method that provides even more functionality and clearer traceability between requirements, test cases and bug reports.

The name of this novel system is Grid.

Grid gives you the opportunity to keep enjoying the same powerful functionality you use today, and adds several layers of new technology that enable you to create more advanced connections between the data in your list and visualise it in more diverse ways.

We are also working on a cutting-edge feature that makes it possible to share the settings with your colleagues and to allowing them to read traceability data directly, without having to open the traceability matrices.

Participate in the Beta Test of the New Grid

Take your chance to be one of the first to see and try out the new features of this advanced system and influence its development. Applications are open for people who want to become a beta tester and help us test the new grid.

As a beta tester of the new grid you will have the opportunity to spend some time testing the new functionalities about once a month.

The first release will arrive at the end of January and then new releases will come every four to six weeks in Spring.

You’ll notice that the grid will look very much like the existing lists at first, but in Spring will be adding much more new and exciting features which will radically optimise the way you filter, organise and interact with your data on ReQtest.

Your Feedback is Important to Us

Your feedback will have a direct influence on the development of this exciting new feature. The ideas you will share with us during the beta testing will help us develop the exact tools you need to help you organise your work better around your life and achieve your testing goals quicker and more efficiently.

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