April 29, 2015

ReQtest will be at RE-Challenge in Warsaw this May

Our calendar is bursting with exciting opportunities to connect with other professionals in the testing and requirements management! As experts in both fields push the frontiers further and develop new technologies and knowledge, having more of these events to share information and foster greater collaboration  has become vital.

RE-Challenge (links to site in Polish), the Requirements Engineering Forum held annually in Warsaw, is one of the events penciled in our team calendar.

The conference circuit in Europe is growing at very rapid pace, and on May 15, I’ll be setting off to Poland to join 12 other speakers who will present their research or work practices to fellow requirements engineers.

An overview of RE-Challenge

RE-Challenge consists of a series of presentations delivered by experts in the field.

Organised by the Requirements Engineering Association as a fun and effective way to disseminate knowledge and good practices in requirements engineering, this year’s event will take place on May 15 in Poland’s capital.

Getting down to business

Running from 10 am till 4pm, the presentations by the speakers will focuses squarely on the latest advances in requirements engineering and management, and how these can help us do business better.

A case in point is the session about Improving requirements and test management based on business needs presented by Krzysztof Wnuk from Lund University in Sweden.

I’ll be taking the podium just before lunchtime. My presentation is entitled Scrum Requirements: Engineering for Cloud Architecture.

During the presentation I’ll detail how ReQtest operates in an agile way and whet participants’ appetite for implementing a more systematic Scrum flow in their teams.

See you in Poland

Are you thinking of joining me and my fellow presenters at RE-Challenge this May? Tweet me @Ulf_Reqtest and let me know if you’ll be around.

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