October 16, 2013

ReQtest’s Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42

As we said a couple of days ago, our founder and product owner Ulf Eriksson was to speak at Sundsvall42. The event was a runaway success, not least because we had a super surprise up our sleeves!

Basically, we had two superheroes doing the rounds, greeting attendees and generally making people smile, but also, think about testing superheroes.

Ulf said that, in his view, everybody he talked to was impressed with our ReQtest superheroes and that practically all the visitors and attendees at Sundsvall42 noticed them.

Ulf went on to say,


“Lots of interesting talks about testing, maintenance and IT processes such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). My own talk about usability, user experience and usability testing was very well received by all and I’m certain that a number of people felt that I helped them to understand more and overcome issues in these areas. That makes me happy because nothing feels as good as helping people out and sharing your own experience. In addition, there was very good entertainment and delicious food at Sundsvall 42, so that always helps!”


Check out a handful of photos of our super heroes doing the rounds at Sundsvall 42!

ReQtest's Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42 - 1

ReQtest superheroes at Sundsvall42

ReQtest's Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42 - 2

ReQtest superheroes and founder Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42

ReQtest's Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42 - 3

ReQtest superheroes greeting attendees at Sundsvall42

ReQtest's Ulf Eriksson at Sundsvall42 - 4

ReQtest superheroes manning the gates at Sundsvall42

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