Prices and packages

Prices below are the flexible price plan and suitable for smaller ad-hoc projects. For larger implementation projects, reach out to us and we will tailor a package to your needs.

4.5/5 –

Prices Flexible License

Unlimited amount of users


USD/ user / month


50 USD


EUR/ user / month


50 EUR


SEK/ user / month


500 SEK


*Minimum 250 USD, 250 EUR or 2500 SEK per month. Up to five users are included in this price. Additional users can be added for 500 SEK/ 50 USD / 50 EUR, per user and month.

All features you need

Requirements & goals

Easiest way to structure and manage your requirements and goals

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Test management

Create test cases, build test runs and quality assure your system

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Bug tracking

Report, prioritize and solve bugs together with your team

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Reports & data

Follow the progress in your project and get valuable insights

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Integrations & API

Connect your applications to Reqtest and create a seamless flow

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Invite, compare and communicate with the vendors

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Agile board

Visualize the project plan and cooperate with your team on important tasks

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Learn more about digitalization

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Kundcase, därför älskar våra kunder oss

Why our customers love us

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About us

Our solution

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