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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

– Larry Elder

Plan your testing

  • Create a test run as a frame for your tests.
  • Write test cases, either using our pre-filled forms, or structure them your way, by adding as many steps as needed.
  • Assign test runs to testers, who will get automated email notifications so they know there’s work to do.

Execute your testing

  • Execute the test run within an intuitive interface, which guides your progress.
  • Add test steps as needed, even while executing, without leaving the test run.
  • Filter the test run list to get an overview of the execution results from a specific period of testing.
  • Report bugs directly at the failed step in the test cases. Add the bugs to the relevant agile board even as you create them.

Follow Up your test

  • Extensive reporting possibilities are available in ReQtest.
  • Quickly find the data you need through powerful filters and present it visually with our built in charts and diagrams.

Link and track everything

  • Tracking is key for traceability and in ReQtest you can link most items; requirements to test cases, test cases to test runs, bugs to test runs. The lists goes on.
  • The agile board works as a visual hub for everything your team is working on.
  • You can link requirements, test runs, test cases and bug reports to see who is working on what, current status and progress.

Customize easily to fit your process

  • Adapt ReQtest to your process, and not the other way around.
  • Every template you work with is customizable to fit your process.
  • Add as many fields and values as you like, set which are mandatory, and chose from a number of preset field types.