Webinar: ReQtest & Jira integration to get the best of both the tools

Get a live demo of how you can connect your ReQtest projects with Jira projects; learn more about the additional functionality, and how you can derive greater value from the integration.

ReQtest + Jira = The best of two worlds

ReQtest & Jira integration to get the best of both the tools
  • Do you think it can be challenging to maintain communication between
    different business projects and development?
  • What do you do if development wants to use Jira, but the business side wants ReQtest?
  • Do you want a better overview of your projects and streamline the delivery of requirements, between business and development?
  • Do you want a report view to quickly get a real-time overview of the current status in development i.e. what will be developed, when in time it will be developed, the estimated time the requirements will take, and the actual time spent?

What is the goal of the webinar?

We want to give many of our users access and insight into what a JIRA Integration means.
We do this by showing how easy and simple it is to create an integration and the actual benefits of why you should have an integration with JIRA.

Why do we have JIRA connection?

We see that the majority of our customers use JIRA in development both in internal development and external development. This usually raises many questions about how requirements and bug reports should be handled in the two tools.

Therefore, at ReQtest, we have chosen to develop and expand our access between ReQtest and JIRA. We simply want to make it easier for our users to continue working in ReQtest without having to exclude any of the tools.



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