Webinar: New Requirements Management module in ReQtest

Get a live demo of all the exciting new features & functionality in the new Requirements module. Get greater support for agile & other methods. A new customizable Requirements Hierarchy is available along with enhanced requirements traceability.

New requirements management module is now available

New Requirements Management module in ReQtest

A new & upgraded version of the Requirements Management module is now released in ReQtest. Watch the webinar to learn about how the upgrade can help you and your colleagues to be more successful. Get to know this:

  • How your team can get greater value from the new requirements management process?
  • What will be different, and what will be the same?
  • How to get started & how to use the new features?

The new Requirements Management module will primarily add a lot of benefits for business analysts, product owners, and project managers. With the new functionality which enhances traceability to test and bugs, we believe that test professionals should also watch it to learn more.

Here is a preview of the benefits you will get:

  • A new customizable Requirements Hierarchy
  • Greater support for agile & other methods
  • Enhanced requirements traceability
  • Updated & extended connection to Jira
  • “Word” like feel while working with requirements
  • Comprehensive reports on the implementation status

Why did we upgrade the Requirements module?

ReQtest’s purpose to introduce an upgraded version of the Requirements module is to enable organizations to deliver projects and products with high-quality. Now we are providing a requirements management process that is modern, professional and offers greater support for a variety of methodologies.



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