Test Automation in ReQtest – pre-release webinar

Early next year, ReQtest will enable you to integrate your test automation tool with ReQtest. Watch this webinar and learn more about how to get started with test automation in general and how you can do it in ReQtest.

In this webinar, you will get valuable insights such as:

Test Automation in ReQtest – pre-release webinar
  • Why do you need automation in the software cycle?
  • What are the different automation tools/frameworks you should know?
  • What are the benefits of Test Automation Integration with ReQtest?
  • Why connect ReQtest with your Test Automation tool?

What is the goal of the webinar?

Watch the webinar to learn more about test automation and preview what to look forward to in the ReQtest Automation integration early in 2021!

  • Pointers on what you need to do to kick-off your test automation strategy
  • How to create an integration with Selenium or any other automation framework?
  • Benefits of test automation – Reduce manual work; get Test Runs, and Bugs, automatically created in ReQtest
  • Integrate your automation tool with ReQtest to get the full view of execution results

Who should watch?

You will not only learn about the basics but also details of how this will work in ReQtest. No matter if you have experience in test automation or not; the webinar will help you get started with test automation in ReQtest. Whatever role you have, if you want to know more about test automation, this webinar is for you.



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