Test Management Tool for QA Teams

ReQtest is a test management tool that allows you to enable self managed testing team to focus more on testing rather than test management.

What Makes ReQtest Best Test Management Tool?

ReQtest offers the easiest way to plan, manage, & control your testing. You can easily track the status of the test cases executed and populate graphical reports to share with your testing team or any other project stakeholders.

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Plan Your Testing Easily

To start working on the projects is an easy and intuitive process. The tool allows you to set up a test project in a few clicks, add users, and easily import test cases from CSV files. It is really easy to get hands-on with the functionality and features of ReQtest as compared to any other test management tool.

  • Create a test run as a frame for your tests
  • Either use pre-filled forms or customize the forms to write better test cases
  • Assign test runs to testers and they will be notified instantly
What you can do in ReQtest?

Plan > Manage > Control > Track > Report

Easy to Get Started

ReQtest offers a training module that enables you to quickly learn all the features and functionalities.

Collaborate with your team

Add your testing team members to ReQtest and start collaborating on test planning & execution instantly.

Track & Report Testing Progress

You can easily get an overview of who is assigned which test cases along with the execution results & bugs reported.


A simple, proven way to boost your team performance.

Access from anywhere

No need to download or install. ReQtest is a fully cloud-based solution. All your team needs to access ReQtest is a web browser.

Pay for what you use

Simple, straightforward pricing. Pay monthly based on the number of active users. This way you only pay for what you really use.

Trusted by Test Leaders

Recommended by Test Managers. ReQtest is a test management tool used by Test Managers of companies like Scania & Thomas Cook.

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